Digimon is a francise that started back in 1950's as a tamagachi fighting game.

but when the 90's came, a game came out for the playstation called Digimon world, in the same year an animated series Digimon adventures was created.

over the years digimon had come up with many Anime, Manga, Movies, and Games.

5 Animes (over 250 episodes):

1. Digimon Adventure
2. Digimon Adventure 02
3. Digimon Tamers
4. Digimon Frontier
5. Digimon Savers

3 Mangas (not icluding the ones based off of the anime):

1. Digimon V-tamer 01
2. Digimon D-cyber
3. Digimon Next

Movies (9)
1. Digimon Adventure (movie)
2. Our war game
3. Hurrican touchdown/ supreme evoluion! golden digimetals
4. Diaboromon strikes back
5. Battle of adventurers
6. Runaaway digimon express
7. Revival of ancient Digimon
8. Digimon X-evolution
9. Ultimate evollution! burst evolution

19 Games (not including those handhelds like Pendulum)

1. Digimon world
2. Digimon world 2
3. Digimon world 3
4. Digimon Digital Card Battle
5. Digimon Tamers battle evolution (rumble arena)

1. Anthode/Cathode Tamer.
2. Digimon tamers: battle spirit
3. Digimon tamers: battle spirit 1.5
4. Digimon battle spirit 2
5. Digimon racing
6. Digimon World DS
7. Digimon Sunburst/ moonlight
8. Digimon championship

1. Digimon world X
2. Digimon Savers another mission
3. Digimon Battle chronicle

36 things in total, Digimon is popular among many people around the world love this series it is widely know series that is created.
Digimon stands for digital monters


"Baby flamer"


"Agumon, shinka"

"Spirit of evolution"
by digitalmentor July 10, 2008
An anime series that has reached fame by it's greatness. It has spawned 5 season, 9 movies, several fanfics, and a very large fanbase. Although the name sound similar to Pokemon's, the show itself is different..

List of the seasons in order:
1- Digimon Adventure

2- Digimon Adventure 02

3- Digimon Tamers

4- Digimon Frontier

5- Digimon Savers/Data Squad

List of movies in order:
1- Digital Adventure

2- Our War Game

3- Hurricane Touchdown

4- Revenge of Diaboromon

5- Battle of Adventurers

6- Runaway Locomon

7- Island of Lost Digimon

8- Digimon X-Evolution

9- Activate Burst Mode!!

P.S. Digimon is superior to pokemon in all ways possible.
Digimon, Digital monsters!
by Neo, the Dark Potato October 21, 2007
Digimon is a show that copied Pokemon.
The difference is that every digimon`s name ends in mon,they can talk and they are too detailed.
Pokemon makes The Pokemon say their own language (e.g Pikapika)they are not too detailed and their names make sense to what they look like(Squirtle = a turtle that squirts water)
Digimon:sucks,copied pokemon and is soooo boring.
Pokemon:rules,rocks and is the best show on earth
by Snowswipes March 15, 2007
An extremely popular anime from Japan. While many hate the english dub of the show, it is actually rather accurate to the original and has better voice acting. The show gained a strong fanbase with the first two seasons, but then the third season was released. It was the best season, and thus the one that caused many fans to leave.
The inspiration of Pokemon.
Guy with a taste for plot: Digimon is the best anime ever.

Other guy: What about Naruto?

Guy with a taste for plot: Loser.
by GalagaGuru March 07, 2009
A franchise that started in 1997 when Bandai introduced a spin off of Tamagotchi which feature a new monster called Digimon.I used to have one of it back in 1998 and it is fun to raise Digimon and use to battle with friend.This show is considered by many as a Pokemon rip off,well it actually kinda rip off of Pokemon but the show itself is quite different from Pokemon.The show is great and it would be boring growing up with Pokemon alone...
Digimon might be a rip off of Pokemon,but I thinks its best that we accept it as part of the genre rather than a rip off.
by TangoYankee91 November 09, 2009
the greatest and most underrated anime show ever especially when compared to pokemon, but it became terrible after season 2
I used to watch digimon every day after school on fox kids.
by intrnashonalsuperstud July 16, 2008
Who really gives a fuck if pokemon ripped em off or not - the point is
a) everything starts in digi + ends in mon
b) it was ruined by too many series
c) it was crap anyway
d) the characters are so unorginal and have simple replationship hooks o keep you watching (THAT ARE NEVER FOLLOWED THROUGH)
e) buuuuuuuuuuulllllllshhhhhiiiiiiitttttt
I rest my case
Digimon digital monsters:
Go catmon
Catmon digivolve to (cue irritating music)
Oh no, we are going ot die
Megacatmon digivolve to
AIIIIIEEEEEEE (trainer falls off cliff)
Ultramegacatmon evolve to Flyingultramegacatmon
And so on and so forth
by Who cares? October 10, 2005

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