Something that Andy and Larry Wachowsky ripped their idea from for the Matrix
Hello neo I am the Are the all your base r belong to us
by Veerwhil February 20, 2005
A rip-off of pokemon. The biggest difference is that all the characters in digimon are gay.
Digimon is gay.
by yodaa February 01, 2009
Listen, I know alot of you people say that digimon is better than pokemon, but let me give you the real definition. The truth is, Digimon is just as bad and stupid as Pokemon. They both orginally started out as games, and they probably would've been a lot better if they just stayed as games and were never adapted into animes.
Anyway, even though the digimon series does have an actual plot, they are very simple and themes are just repeated over and over again in each season. Plus the themes are really simple and are usually things a regular kid would discover by making friends.
Listen losers. Digimon is just as bad pokemon and they would probably be awesome today if they had just stayed as a video game series like they were in the beginning.
by nathan676 April 14, 2008
A blantant rip-off of pokemon. Despite what people about it being made before pokemon, thats false. The pokemon games were released in Japan before the first digimon episode aired, peple only think about the first episode of digimon being aired before the first ep of pokemon, that is true, but really, pokemon started first which does in fact, make digimon a crappy rip-off of pokemon.
the pokemon game was out before digimon tv series for those who it was the other way round.
by sangajin August 16, 2007
A sad parody of Pokemon, although neither of them are good. In futile attempts to capture the minds of little kids, it's corrupt otherwise successful little munchkins, although the subject matter alone will make the person with an iq greater than that of a rock laugh. A bunch of violent chiapets that temporarily evolve into barry bonds and "My little Pony" at the same time when pissed. those who watch it need to get a life, lest ur under the age of 9 (give kids a break, come on. Obviously Chris Rock, etc. are better shows, but they're just little smurf pplz, nothing else to watch). Anywho, it is a show that should be avoided at all costs. Equivilent to day-time television soap operas.
Digimon should be avoided as if it were the ebola virus
by Slatte October 28, 2006
A pathetic excuse for a show. The idea obviously came from Pokemon because they completely copied it. To make matters worse, every Digimon's name HAS to end with mon. When you look at Pokemon, not 1 of their name's ends with mon. Pokemon is way better than Digimon.
Who wants to watch Digimon when Pokemon is 100,000,000,000,000,000 times better than it?
by Pimpdog February 25, 2006

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