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One of the stupidest things the liberals are trying to force on this country. They say they want to do it to stop violent crime but it's stop law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves. Plus even if guns are banned it's not going to stop violent crimes. I mean a criminal does things illegally so if guns are banned they're just going to get them illegally from the black market. So there that puts citizens at an even bigger risk.
Gun control is just going to end up making law-abiding citizens defenseless against violent criminals.
by nathan676 March 09, 2008
Ninjutsu is a large collection of different martial arts that was used by ninja. The ninja used 18 different martial arts called Ninja Juhakkei. These martial arts are...
Seishin-teki kyoyo(spiritual refinement)
Taijutsu(unarmed combat)
Ninjaken(sword techniques)
Bojutsu(stick and staff fighting techniques)
Shuriken(throwing blade technique)
Sojutsu(spear fighting)
Naginatajutsu(halberd fighting)
Kusarigamajustu(sickle and chain techniques)
Kayakujutsu(pyrotechnics and explosives)
Hensojutsu(disguise and impersonation)
Shinobi-iri(stealth and infiltration techniques)
Sui-ren(methods involving water)
Boryaku(military strategy and political manipulation)
Intonjutsu(concealment and escape methods)
Tenmon(meterology, zoology)
Chimon(geography, zoology)
Also thngs like chakra is complete crap, and ninja weren't magical. This is something from the old days because many people didn't understand how ninja did their jobs.
There are some other martial arts that ninja used like using bow and arrows and medicine making but the Ninja Juhakkei are the main ones used and the ones that make up ninjutsu.
by nathan676 March 01, 2008
I don't really care about the selfishness of the act, but unless you have a good enough reason you should not commit suicide because if you do it means you're just a pussy who can't handle the realities of life. For example if a person has cancer and know that it is incurable and extremely painful they have a reason to commit suicide. But unless it is a certain circumstance like having a terminal illness or you're being horribly abused or mistreated, if you commit suicide it means you have the menatality of a little sheltered brat who is too lazy to solve their problems head on and instead just wants to run away from them.
Senior With Lung Cancer: Uh, I can't take life anymore everyday i'm in terrible pain I wish I could die and let all go away.

Me: poor old man, they should pull the plug so he can die peacefully rather than torturing him by keeping him hooked up to that machine.

Some Emo Kid: My girlfriend just broke up me and now i'm depressed I'm going to kill myself!

Me: You pussy, you're just like a baby still sucking at his momma's tits. Get over it, because that's life you're gonna have alot of people break your heart, but you need to be able to handle it. Plus you could just find another girlfriend once you get over the break up. You don't have a reason to commit suicide

by nathan676 May 08, 2008
Listen, I know alot of you people say that digimon is better than pokemon, but let me give you the real definition. The truth is, Digimon is just as bad and stupid as Pokemon. They both orginally started out as games, and they probably would've been a lot better if they just stayed as games and were never adapted into animes.
Anyway, even though the digimon series does have an actual plot, they are very simple and themes are just repeated over and over again in each season. Plus the themes are really simple and are usually things a regular kid would discover by making friends.
Listen losers. Digimon is just as bad pokemon and they would probably be awesome today if they had just stayed as a video game series like they were in the beginning.
by nathan676 April 14, 2008
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