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2 definitions by TangoYankee91

Argubually the most hillarious thing since Mr Bean although they have different kind of humor.Spongebob is actually a species of sea sponge but its shape is more resemble to kitchen sponge.The cartoon is really great and the joke are so hillarious and can appeal towards young and adult although this lasted only for 3 season.After that the show seems to go through motion and the creator seems to run out of idea.
The old episode of Spongebob is like Mr Bean where you would find it funny even after 10 years.The new one were somewhat more annoying than funny,but still enjoyable if you watch it on Monday.
by TangoYankee91 December 07, 2009
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A franchise that started in 1997 when Bandai introduced a spin off of Tamagotchi which feature a new monster called Digimon.I used to have one of it back in 1998 and it is fun to raise Digimon and use to battle with friend.This show is considered by many as a Pokemon rip off,well it actually kinda rip off of Pokemon but the show itself is quite different from Pokemon.The show is great and it would be boring growing up with Pokemon alone...
Digimon might be a rip off of Pokemon,but I thinks its best that we accept it as part of the genre rather than a rip off.
by TangoYankee91 November 09, 2009
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