everyone thinks digimon first came out as an anime series or trading card game, well...it's neither. it first came out as a electronic pet. something similar to the tamagochi, but also being able to battle with it.
digimon has a lot of versions released. example: digimon pendulum
by keaith February 16, 2005
Better than Pokemon, but is that saying much?
How much do you want to bet Digimon was cool but ruined by the US dubbing.
by horror_blood November 10, 2003

A fictional group of digital beings who reside in a parallel universe know as "The Digital World." It was first born as a virtual pet that could be used in battles and raised to become various, stronger beings. The concept then took the path of its characters and evolved into an anime where-in seven youung kids go to camp for the summer and end up living in a digital land. Hey, Digimon, Hey, Digimon!

Unfortunently- America's crappiest dubbing companys grabbed digimon by the throat and ripped away all of its depth, making it into a crappy pokémon-wannabe. But the original Digimon Adventure in Japan is very deep with emotions running high and emo devils trying to take over the worlds.
"I watch Digimon in japanese because its better in its original format."

"Digimon was on TV the other day."

by Dudey "Guy" Dudington February 26, 2007
a great anime show from japan. many people say it is a pokemon ripoff but in fact digimon was around first in the form of a battling tamagotchi. digimon is arguably better than pokemon in the fact that every episode of digimon had a moral wheras pokemon repeats the same story in every show. it has original creatures...unlike pokemon. if you want to find a pokemon ripoff look at monster rancher.
digimon is one of the best anime series ever
by freeky1232 August 09, 2006
Nice anime show featuring a digital world where digital monsters (also called digimons) lived. 7 human kids was teleported to this digital world.
My little brother likes Digimon!
by Fizzard the Fly January 07, 2005
A creature that can pwn a pokemon any day.
Articuno: I shoot icy wind at you!
*makes a weak ass blizzard on the Digimon*

Ultimatechaosmon: I fire endbeam destruction cannon waves at you!
*Destroys the world*
An amazing show. You can relate to one or more of the characters. Revolves around a group of kids who come across Digimon, and befriend them. Didn't start to suck after the first two seasons, like PokeMon. Unlike PokeMon, the DigiMon can say more than the first two syllables of their name. The plot is more mature and the jokes are more funny.

Things PokeMon did better:

Things Digimon did better:
Everything else
"DigiMon, Digital Monsters!"
by apathetic1 March 16, 2008

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