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A virtual pet simulator of an alien lifeform that crash landed on earth in eggs. They genetically mutate into different creatures depending on how well, you fed it, happy you kept it and how clean you kept it. Along with disciplining and praising when it does things wrong then right. After awhile they get to old and die, you then start off with a new pet.

Often fun for a few days, but then gets rather old.
I as much care as I could of my Tamagotchi and it turned into a Dog.

I took care of it by only the bare necessities and it turned into an Octopus.

I never really paid attention to mine and it turned into some kind of bird.
by Dioking October 10, 2005
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A little electronic keychain with an animal on it. I had a kitten when I was 4 (which was when these lil fuckers were in style). Every night it would die cuz it would shit at like 3 in the morning and i wouldn't be up to change it. eventually i got so pissed at it I threw it under the train tracks at the subway station.
this fucking tamagotchi is messing with my mind!

by sweetness-and-light April 30, 2007
The epitome of badass
Dude, that kid has a tamagotchi... i wouldn't mess with him!
by Ricky Lambert November 22, 2004
Something a hillbilly shouts when he catches someone named Tom.
Tamagotchi (Tom, ah got ye)!
by EJL December 12, 2003
Also known as a 'virtual pet', the Tamagochi simulates a virtual creature which can be nurtured like a real animal.
by Mad Walrus August 06, 2002
Annoying little fucker that should be thrown out of a bus into oncoming traffic.
shut that fucking thing up before i throw it out of a bus into oncoming traffic.
by SpYk October 10, 2002
tamagotchi's are were cool, weren't cool, cool again. but they do their business about every five seconds
my recomendation? don't get one, no need. plus you cant turn them off
"aw crap my tamagotchi just took a dump again"
by poop August 30, 2004
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