Dick head - Someone who is a stuck up person.


Dick head - Someone who has a dick-shaped head.
Example 1: Ohmigosh, you are such a dick head!


Example 2: Wow, you have a dick head.
by Sandra Denise April 24, 2007
Vice President Dick Cheney
How the hell did that bloated, homophobic dickhead make it into the white house?
by Yentruoc March 22, 2007
1. Somebody with a dick for a head

2. An insulting word to call someone

3. An unfortunetly named person

4. Devvo's favourite word!
1. Poor guy was born with a dick where a head should be. You can imagine what his nickname at school was! If it was raining out the kids would ask him if he wanted to borrow a condom...

2. Ya dick head!

3. If your last name is head, dont call your son Richard!

4. "What ya filming for ya dick head? Fuck off!"... "I'm only asking for, like, 4 cans ya dick head! Ya fucking dick head!"
by Devvo, ya dickhead! December 12, 2006
An Idiot
A dildo Head

Latin term; dildorious Rexsis
He's a dickhead
He's a dildorious Rexsis
by JCR August 27, 2005
Why does Josh have to be such a Dickhead?
by Shoelace1994 August 02, 2011
A male individual who holds their cellphone to their heads. (Related to dildohead; see dildohead)
"There's a dickhead over there in his car."
"That dickhead is holding his dick to his head again."
by Darjamvan October 13, 2008
When a person unfortunately possesses a penis on their head or the surrounding area as opposed to in their pubic region.
Dan - Dang, that kid is a real dick head.

James - Wonder where his balls are.
by Ding Fries Are Done November 24, 2007

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