A male individual who holds their cellphone to their heads. (Related to dildohead; see dildohead)
"There's a dickhead over there in his car."
"That dickhead is holding his dick to his head again."
by Darjamvan October 13, 2008
When a person unfortunately possesses a penis on their head or the surrounding area as opposed to in their pubic region.
Dan - Dang, that kid is a real dick head.

James - Wonder where his balls are.
by Ding Fries Are Done November 24, 2007
Dick head - Someone who is a stuck up person.


Dick head - Someone who has a dick-shaped head.
Example 1: Ohmigosh, you are such a dick head!


Example 2: Wow, you have a dick head.
by Sandra Denise April 24, 2007
Vice President Dick Cheney
How the hell did that bloated, homophobic dickhead make it into the white house?
by Yentruoc March 22, 2007
an emotionally retarded rude person, a knob
Stonemirror is a real dickhead.
by stonedmirror September 17, 2003
A guy that is usually bald or with very short hair, chubby(may be very muscular),and most often seen with camo shorts going past the knees. Most often seen in Hardcore bands doing pissed off sounding vocals or playing a distorted guitar riff with a very simple rhythm that fails to go past the 5th fret.
Jamey Jasta - Hatebreed

Sean Martin - Hatebreed

Mitts - Madball

Dave Peters - Throwdown


guy2 : i can't beleive you listen to that dickhead music
by shredmeister August 06, 2007
An Idiot
A dildo Head

Latin term; dildorious Rexsis
He's a dickhead
He's a dildorious Rexsis
by JCR August 27, 2005

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