some one who suggestedly has a penis on there forehead. A phrase often used by chavs.
Chav: Mwahhh you Dick Head
Me: obviously not can you see a penis on my forehead (show them your forehead
Chav: mmmmmm..... Ya-mam (there other favourite phrase)
by Jamie (who doesnt hate chavs) November 12, 2007
When someone wears a white beenie/condom on their head
Look at that dick head he's got a white beenie on
by Pritu27 June 27, 2007
Top part of your widge.
by Fuck Face Motherfucker August 10, 2003
The guy above this definition(definition 32) who looks at other guys penises in the school shower, and most likely any other place a penis would be.
....Hey, why are you looking at my penis you dickhead!!!
by ..........s October 26, 2007
something or someone that may find theselfs on GR.
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
A women who is addicted to dick(kind of like a crackhead)
you addicted to dick, so you a dick head
by Beat Jackin August 28, 2007
An asshole with the brains of a dick.
You'll get better gas mileage if you get your foot off the brake, dick head!
by Bartholomew Dilligaff October 06, 2005

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