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A rude, thoughtless or stupid person; a bastard; a son-of-a-bitch; a moron.
Cut off in traffic by a truck full of Mecican landscapers, Carole displayed her displeasure by yelling, "Alternate merge, dickhead!"
by SkipChurch June 25, 2007
1. An Asian prostitute.
2. Any attractive Asian female.
3. The female genitals.
4. A Japanese food made from seaweed, sticky rice, vinegar, often incorporating raw seafood.
1. Chief Petty Officer O'Hara told me that the girls at the Kyoto Delight Massage Parlor were the best sushi he ever had stateside.
2., 3, & 4" "Whoa! Great sushi!"
by SkipChurch June 25, 2007
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