1.)The act of shooting a rich Texas lawyer whilst supposedly hunting quail,

2.)To bold-facedly repeat an obvious lie about something despite all indications to the contrary until the more feeble-minded begin to think it's the truth,
EXAMPLE: " Fox News Dick Cheneyed the public with the story that Iraq was responsible for 911."

3.)To shoot 1st & ask questions later, usually used in circumstances where the wrong target is erroneously struck due to inadequate information or horrific misjudgement.
"Gee, Osama's a Saudi living in Afghanistan, why'd you Dick Cheney on Iraq?"

1.) The Vice President of the United States,
2.) A rich foul-mouthed boor,
3.) A pathological liar,
4.) A person with an elevated sense of self-worth that they believe elevates them above the law. see also Conrad Black

VERB Usage:
"We don't hate America, we just don't want to be Dick Cheneyed by them!"

"To Dick Cheney all Americans for the imbecilic rantings of a few FOX news personnel would be an injustice."

"Well Officer, I was cleaning my AK47 & somehow I Dick Cheneyed my wife."

NOUN Usage:
"Brad's girlfriend dumped him, because the last thing in the world she could stand was a Dick Cheney."

"Nobody liked Bob any more, you just couldn't trust a Dick Cheney."
by Randy B February 15, 2006
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A man who absorbs light and then takes a dark dump on America
Bobby: don't get to close to Dick Cheney.

Fred: why?

Bobby: he will suck the life out of you!
by CHOWnoobCHOW April 20, 2009
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the coldest motherfucker you'll ever meet.
Woman in passenger seat of car: Honey... Is that Dick Cheney over there?

Man driving car: Roll up the windows, dear.
by McShane September 20, 2009
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The vice president of the United States of America. Not much better suited than Bush himself, Cheney has shot humans and is a big pussey. As of 2003 to the present Cheney is no longer seen in the flesh but in the form of a hologram evereywhere he goes, he is supposedly in an underwaterbase south of the thai islands.
Jim: Look its Dick Cheney!
Joe: No thats a penis.
by jasper patterson November 29, 2006
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Vice President of the USA to George W. Bush. Bush's decision to make Cheney his VP was the smartest thing he's ever done; it allows him be a shitty president without having to fear being assassinated. As horrible as Bush's presidency has been, a Cheney presidency would be terrifyingly and unmeasurably worse.
I had the worst dream last night; I dreamed that Bush was assassinated and Dick Cheney became the president of the United States!
by ilovepitabread March 10, 2008
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noun. One of the purest forms of evil. An truly dangerous man who takes nothing except for money into consideration. Those who support this beast tend to be labeled as "piglets", and "beasties". Foul creatures indeed.
"Dick Cheney?....don't you DARE mention that name in this house! You might as well shit on the carpet, kill my children, or rape me! I mean...how dare you speak that name here? Just...leave. Now."
by Nemo_R_A November 28, 2004
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Acronym: Devil Incarnate as Cowboy Kidnapping Countries Hiding Enemies which Never Existed over Yonder
The Middle East must protect themselves from another Dick Cheney.
by Who I am October 07, 2007
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