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When a male is bored in the shower and stretches his scrotum out and bounces his penis off of it so that looks like his penis is bouncing on a trampoline.
Guy 1. "You know when you're bored in the shower and you stretch your ballsack out and bounce your dick off of it like it's bouncing on a trampoline?"

Guy 2. "What the fuck??? No...."

Guy 3. "Oh, you mean playing the sack drum?"

Guy 1. "Yeah, exactly."
by WowDad August 05, 2011
A penis that is old and wrinkly. A Dick Cheney typically oozes semen randomly throughout the day, even while flacid.
Guy 1. "That old dude in the locker room had a Dick Cheney. Thing was just oozing jizz while he was standing there."

Guy 2. "That's fuckin disgusting, bro."
by WowDad August 07, 2011
A genetic condition where an individual is born without a grundle, thus their anus and scrotum/vagina touch each other.
Person 1. "I heard Tyler has grundleitis."

Person 2. "What???"

Person 1. "He was born without a grundle."
by WowDad August 04, 2011
The act of defecating into a person's hand and then receiving a hand job from that person while the feces is in that hand. A male can even give himself a blonker by defecating into his own hand and then masturbating with said hand.
Bro, that girl's a keeper. Not only did she let me grab her tits last night, she gave me a blonker too!
by WowDad August 03, 2011
When a male defecates in between a woman's breasts and then titty fucks her and ejaculates all over the feces.
Bro 1. "That chick loves Philly cheesesteaks, and I'm not talking about the food."

Bro 2. "Wow Dad."
by WowDad August 07, 2011

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