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loads of dicks tied together
Charlie: Hey! had a threesome last night
Loz: Awesome! Loads of strings?
Chalrie: Of course!
by pacman army January 13, 2010
146 85
A flexible wire like substance used mostly to tire things together.
"Hey, did you remember to tie those sticks together with string?"
"Yes, I did, stay sweet"
by thatdude327 October 08, 2011
21 9
to hang someone.
im so pissed at you, ima string you.
by camerongordon February 07, 2009
31 25
long 'thread' of ejaculate -perhaps with some 'pearls'
the string he left later transformed into a snail trail

the string of 'hot sauce' he discharged had its' tims on, ready for 'work'!
by michael foolsley February 11, 2010
22 26
Sitting To Remember In Nudity Glory!
That guy is really good at STRING!
by ulrich619 November 17, 2008
11 35
The name given to a person that controls situations, as in the one who pulls the strings. This is the person that gets stuff done fast. This person has the plan and it is awesome.
Paul: This party is crazy! How'd you pull it off?

Nick: Wasn't me, Strings took care of it. Now excuse me it's my turn to ride the penguin down the water-slide.
by NJumper April 06, 2010
73 115
The name given to tiny-to-a-sin French lingerie by enthusiasts!
In Britain, the word is usually 'frillies' (frilled at the edge sexy lingerire) -- and it's a fine gift for a fine girlfriend if you ask me!
Strings include:
v-string (G-string with a triangualr v-patch over the pubic area), mini-bikini (or, 'minikinis': ultra-tiny, barley covering 'it' underwear!), micro bikinis...

by hammer---;, hytham April 10, 2007
18 76