Top Definition
a rude or insensative person
Nic is such a fuckin boor!
by Alexius November 06, 2003
Vagina. Pussy.
Uski boor me lund thuk gaya. : Her pussy got struck by a dick
by Mote Lund ka Sipahi January 16, 2004
A colloquialised derivative of the original meaning of boor from rude young man to savage drinking beast.

Also used as in 'to boor / go booring' meaning to go out drinking.

i)Oliver Reed, what a total fucking boor!

ii)Any booring this weekend?

iii)That lad loves to boor
by T Boor July 10, 2008
when you are excited about something this word is said.
T says: "sup bro, got us some tickets for the sway concert"
D says: "boor!"
by olly t March 04, 2006
1.To inflict a wound with any capable object
Don't make me boor you bruv!
he got boored up
by Stickler August 02, 2006

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