The only heartless person in the world to have heart complications, also has bad eyesight proven by his ability to mistake a human for a quail.
see Satan
You can't spell Dick Cheney without dick
by Nemesis921 March 04, 2009
Acronym: Devil Incarnate as Cowboy Kidnapping Countries Hiding Enemies which Never Existed over Yonder
The Middle East must protect themselves from another Dick Cheney.
by Who I am October 07, 2007
bitch face who cares only for his own fucking ass. a powerhungry narcissist with no outside purpose except to ruin the world.

and btw, he is an evil man
1) if his sole purpose was to seek out weapons of mass destruction, he saw him in the mirror every time he shaved.

2) dick cheney lovd money and power, overlooks poor and above until rich

3) ran country like dictatorship

4) communist, nazi
by dick cheney hater (and Bush) December 01, 2009
A man who absorbs light and then takes a dark dump on America
Bobby: don't get to close to Dick Cheney.

Fred: why?

Bobby: he will suck the life out of you!
by CHOWnoobCHOW April 20, 2009
To shoot someone in the face. Most applicable when that someone is a beloved friend or relative of the shooter.
(guy shoots another guy in the face)

Guy 1: Whoa! You just shot Frederick Rogerson! He saved your life three times, looked after your children while you were out, for free, and introduced you to your wife of 17 years! And you Dick Cheney'd him!

Guy 2: Yeah, I Dick Cheney'd my wife and kids too.

Guy 1: You're secretly Dick Cheney, aren't you?

Guy 2: Ha-HA! Sly one, aren't you?
by Reaperman1 February 21, 2009
1. to shoot in the face by accident

2. to shoot in the face.
And in the last scene of Scorcese's Oscar-winning The Departed, Mark Wahlberg Dick Cheneys Matt Damon.
by LinusUrgo July 10, 2008
To shoot someone in the face with a shotgun.
Somebody needs to Dick Cheney the vice president for W.
by DFlame April 09, 2008

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