The next president of the United States, the embodiment of excellency, a hero to the human race, a God among men, and a champion for freedom.
When God saw what a mess the world was, he sent Dick Cheney to save it.
by An American Patriot July 27, 2009
An old man, currently Vice President of the US, who enjoys shooting innocent 78-year-old men in the face with a shotgun.
Person 1: "Did you hear about Dick Cheney?"

Person 2: "Isn't he the guy that shot that old man in the face?"

Person 1: "Yup, and he also just had another heart attack."
by SumGuyInGA September 12, 2006
The 4th branch of government
Dick Cheney: "Nono, that doesn't apply to me. As the vice-president, I technically belong to neither the executive NOR the legislative branch."
by Juggles4 April 12, 2008
stupid and devious man. He killed that guy cause he was drunk, and he raised all the prices of gas. Vice pres. (but might as well be president cause the one know aint doing the trick)
(slured) He's wearing an orange jacket.. You pulled a Dick Cheney!HAHAHAHAHA.
by Pub It up March 15, 2006
A dark embodiment of soul-less evil, that is hell bent on ruling the world.
"Dude, I heard that Dick Cheney sucked someone's soul out for looking him in the eye."
by XthePirate April 28, 2007
He is Lord Voldemort incarnate...
Dick Cheney is a jerk!
by My name is Mud June 27, 2006
a waste of flesh that is the only person who can run against George W. Bush as "Idiot of The Century". Some say he is worse than Bush himself. In fact the only reason Bush hasn't been assasinated yet is because then Dick Cheney would step in and who knows what he would do.
1) I am not going hunting with Dick Cheney
2) Man 1: Look it's Dick Cheney!
Man 2: Let's kick his ass!
by blinkblink44 May 13, 2008
When you shoot a wad in a chick's face and you make HER apologize afterwards.
"I made your bitch apologize while she was wiping it outta her eye."

"Oh man, you Dick Cheney'd her!"
by DalenT December 26, 2007

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