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Composite form of the Constructicons. Devastator is a massive, mainly green humanoid robot which is immensely strong and destructive, but also very slow and stupid.
Devastator is given a drubbing by the Dinobots in Transformers the Movie.
by Andy July 22, 2004
Like the shocker but instead of two in the pink one in the stink, its ONE in the pink TWO in the stink
Shock the world, DEVASTATE their minds!!
by deez nuuts January 23, 2004
1)To surprise your partner during sex by punching your fist into their ass.
I knew she was cheating on me so the last time we had sex I gave her the devastator. She crawled out of my house with bloody jeans.
by Ovarian Myth Sports February 25, 2010
a variant of the shocker in which the index finger is inserted into the vagina and the ring and pinky fingers are inserted into the anus.
"Man, last night my boyfriend gave me the Devastator so bad I can't shit!!"
by Mike November 22, 2004
the act of putting one's whole fist inside the rectum of a woman
This mad grimy chick asked Pat to give her the devastator, but he says his fist was far too big for her small anus.
by Johnny O April 06, 2004
Originally known as a shocker, briefly evolved into a bigger surprise. It involves interlocking both hands and going 4 in the pink and two in the stink. This is the original Devastator
Lashonda was pissed at me for giving her the old Devastator last night. I was drunk I had too!
by SecondGlance February 14, 2014
A poster from ACF who would die if he had 22 kidney stones.
I am sorry for lose, but its all Zao's fault; her and her mouse's giant vagina.
by Mephiston November 29, 2004
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