A word used by MistaDubstep to describe something that's sick, huge, amazing, big, awesome etc.
Person 1: "Oi! Do you like Mt Eden - Sierra Leone?"
by MistaDubstep August 21, 2011
Anything you want it to be, In any context you like.
"That backoff is denchhhhhh!!"

"Man, your breath is DENCHHHHH!!"

When man gets punched in the face: You say "Thass denchhhh!!"
by Fire_Camp October 04, 2010
Dipping The Wench - A pirate term for what the shipmates want to do after being stuck at sea for so long.
Eight months at see tis the tavern for me!
I'll show 'er me gold then I'll dench 'til I'm cold!
by Ironbrand June 24, 2006

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