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To completely and utterly verbally beat someone down with minimum effort, usually in a single senteance, phrase or word, sometimes in comparison to the verbally owned downs long amount of speaking.

Originates from Judi Dench in the Bonds film ability to own some of the greatest people of Earth with minimal effort, notably the opening cut scenes of James Bond video game, Blood Stone
He got totally Denched!
by ThatGavinFellow December 20, 2010
Variation on 'owned', but way more dirty and painful.

Coined during the Unskippable review of 'James Bond 007: Blood Stone'
by Denchalicious December 20, 2010
To be touched in a manner that is wholly inappropriate or uncomfortable, much like the incident in the film, Notes on a Scandal, wherein Dench's older lesbian character takes Cate Blanchett's arm and strokes it repeatedly and says, "Good girl."
You've been denched!!

by Denchy McDencherson February 05, 2007
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