over-used term (in the south of the UK at least) coined recently by some rapper dude on a radio show

actually means fuck all and is an attempt to move away from 'real' terms such as 'cool'
"that manoeuvre was dench blud"

actually meaning

"that manoeuvre was very cool and well executed"
by RandomBlud February 03, 2012
Meaning a person that has the ability to run through walls
''I always knew you were a Dench''
by THECAKEISNOTALIE November 29, 2009
The most vile, musky scent that comes from the male genitalia. "Dick-stench"
Flynn: Eww what is that smell?
Harold: It smells like old avocados grinded up with diarrhea.

Flynn: Ugh I think its from that sand nigger over there
Harold: That's some serious Dench
by Beefer Dude February 18, 2012
A versatile noun and sometimes adjective that has nothing to do with the actress Judy Dench, but whose image is inevitable upon use of this word, making it relative to the actress and all of her qualities. Its primary use in context is as an insult and more common as the act of being a dench or dench-like. Typically dench is used to insult one person, preferably a close friend, however, make sure it is not overused in a short period of time. If said correctly, the emphasis is focused on the last few letters of the word. Since the term is an insult and comes off as one, the idea that you might be like Judy Dench while not really knowing what it means to be a Dench, makes this word one of a kind.
"You dench!"

"Stop being such a dench..."

"You look like a denchy pirate hooker."

"....oh yeah, well you're a dench." -used as a comeback.
by House Atreides October 04, 2010
a) VERB. to 'dench' something is to steal or borrow an item of clothing.

b) to have been 'denched' means to have had an item of clothing borrowed or stolen from you.
'Can i dench your shirt?'

A: 'He's denched my trousers!!'
B: 'You've been denched'
by denchster March 31, 2009
a term used in foosball or table soccer meaning bad, or undesireable.
Aww shit that shot was dench.
by firetruckgreen November 15, 2006
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