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A powerful weapon that is susceptible to any form of attack. So far is 0 for 2 in victories.
A feather at the end of a long stick makes a formidable weapon against the DEATH STAR.
by Resorath July 03, 2004
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An obese woman who corners you at a party full of pretty girls.
"Steve could be macking on any girl in here, if only he could escape that Death Star's tractor beam."


"It's too large to be a moon... Steve's with a Death Star."
by Total Penetration May 23, 2005
Universe of Star Wars: A large orbital space station (the size of a small moon) capable of destroying a planet with it's Northen hemespherical superlaser. The first Death Star proved to be riddled with problems - it could not target capital ships and took many hours to recharge it's superlaser. Also, it had few if any laser turrets that were effective against snubfighters. The second Death Star overcame these problems but was destroyed at the Battle of Endor before it's completion. Note - the Death Star was designed by BEVEL LEMESIK - not the Geono-whatever idiots in Episode 2 of Kiddy Wars. George Lucas has messed around with the history so much he constantly contradicts that which he approved/wrote previously.
"That's no's a space station! <uncoprehendable roar, followed by prissy remarks from an unnamed source>"
by Dan November 02, 2004
A building which electronic signals (i.e. cellphone) cannot penetrate.
I tried to call my girl, but I was in the Death Star.
by Donger December 16, 2004
An awesome Gothic/ Industrial Metal band with booming vocals, amazing guitar riffs and awesome drum beats. they are from Stockholm Sweden and the band consists of five members:

-Whiplasher (Vocals)
-Skinny (Bass)
-Cat Casino (Guitar)
-Nightmare Industries (guitar and keyboards)
-Bone W Machine (drums)

The lyrics of their songs tend to be very dark and badass and may disturb the non death-metal listener. Everybody in the band typically wears all black with heavy makeup and glitter and appear to be well... dead. Incredible band which should be listened to by all!!
Deathstars song Blitzkrieg: Blitzkrieg, Blitzkrieg... F*cking Blitzkrieg BOOM!!!!!!!!
by Nick Digital July 29, 2008
The AT&T corporate logo, ever since the Ma Bell breakup back in 1982. Named due to the striking visual resemblance between the two.
I haven't seen the Death Star on a phone bill since I went 100% cellular.
by zaphraud May 19, 2005
1. Orbital Offensive Satelite Weapon about the size of a small moon.
2. A Space Station with a huger for blowing planets up.
3. The ultimate weapon
4. Ulitmate Skills
Emperor: Get in front of me all you Vader Haters out there. We'll blow your planet up.
Vader: We got Death Star
by samson120 June 17, 2005
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