Refers to the West Virginia University Office of Information Technology and the building it is housed in, One Waterfront Place.
The Death Star's job is to prevent any actual productivity on campus through pointless edicts and incompetence.
by oit July 10, 2008
A term used to describe awesome events adequately, because everyone knows that the Deathstar explosion is the 'coolest' explosion ever recorded on film.
Man, that pool is deathstar!
by ConkerTheWorld April 14, 2004
When your insert your fist into the vagina and open it up as if it exploded. The name 'Death Star' derived from the amount of deaths caused by failed attempts of the technique.
Dude, guess what, I Death Starred Shauna last night!
by JayKi April 02, 2011
To unplug a computer or videogame console while someone else is using it.
I was about to hit level 50 last night, then my roommate Death Star'd me because i didn't do the dishes.
by Tec Nine November 09, 2009
A light green Ford Windstar that has many problems that are often life-threatening to the driver/passengers/random people nearby. Was at one time modified to shoot windshield-wiper fluid at people on the side of the street.
Dude, I need a ride
Dude, I'll give you a ride
Dude, in the DEATHSTAR? We'd all die
No, it's cool -- we can shoot people in red jeeps with windshield-wiper fluid

-Actual Fake Conversation
by Cmdr. James Bond October 15, 2005
members of a popular deathcore band that like to fit the image of being a rock star or gangster. This does not work if the Deathcore has the visual imagery of emo,christian, and anything that isn't cool or heavy and simply does not fit Deathcore standards. never to be confused or associated with the band death stars
Winds of plague are amazing Death stars, they destroy the venue when they play as headliners
by Deathstar(Not that stupid band March 09, 2011
When a man "dips" into a girl without fulling entering her, just as Luke Skywalker skims the surface of the Deathstar but doesn't actually enter.
Dude, I deathstar'ed that girl yesturday, but we didn't go all the way, since she wanted to stay a virgin.

Person 1: Did you have sex with that girl?
Person 2: No I pulled a death star. I only put the head in.
by Lilhobbit July 20, 2009
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