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A sex act in which every orifice in the female body is penetrated by a foreign object (generally a cock)--resulting in what looks remotely like a space station with it's many protruding shafts and cylinders.
Ben: Hey bro, what do you think about that brunette broad in the corner drinking the Schlits?

Zach: Dude, I'd get a dome-piece, but that's it.

Dominic: I say we take her behind the dumpster and give her a space station!"

Steve: That'd be mad dope bro, mad dope.
by Vominic Rosco December 22, 2008
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That's no moon.
Obi-Wan: That's no moon. It's a space station.
by Adahn November 03, 2009
When a woman has ever oraface of the body stuffed
Have you been to space? Because I know a spacestation we could visit.
by Noah Studebaker December 04, 2008
Sleeping longer than a typical nap, but shorter than you usually would overnight.
Luke: I just took such a long nap.
Obi: How long was it?
Luke: Like, 4 hours...
Obi: That's no nap, it's a space station!
by Plowman October 03, 2007

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