To blow a load in somebody's face; to damage so ones retina and/or pride and dignity with your cock load after oral sex.
YO last night i totally Deathstarred that girl, thats why she is wearing an eyepatch and crying the tears of a hundred sorrows.
by the Lheals April 08, 2009
Common name for the Dudley H. Davis Center, the new $61 million student center at the University of Vermont.
Let's go- I've been at the Death Star all day!
by Caitlin Danika October 24, 2007
The act of fighting over a fat woman. The winner runs around her in several circles while jerking off until he's ready to cum. As he squirts at her vagina, the other guys yell "use the force, Luke!"
"Dude, check that chick out... we should Death Star the shit out of her."
"Yeah, bro."
by NerdaLERT February 15, 2013
The US Postal Service term for its new FSS-Flat Sequencing System mail sorter-named because the carriers will be on the street for almost their entire shift instead of sorting the mail for their routes for the first three hours of their shift.
"The Death Star will be up and running in Boston right after Christmas-I'm taking that early retirement package...."
by USPS_Pistol_Team October 28, 2009
A certain individual that is a star of causing death;when ever death is proving to be necessary.Death will always favor this particular person,because they will be making death even more famous,while become famous them-selfs for causing it.
Rockstars: Stars of Rock

Rapstars: Stars of Rap

DeathStars: Stars of Death!

No relation to "Star Wars"
by xVxDeathStarxVx January 14, 2009
A deathstar is an apartment or house, which you have modified to be entirely your personal space.
I merged two apartment into one, and I have created a deathstar.
by eurobill October 25, 2007
A shio in Star Wars that can blow up planets.
I wanna see the DEATH STAR blow up stuff.
by DAMAN August 18, 2003

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