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1. Male Infertility.

2. When a man's reproductive organs, especially the testicles, produce little to no semen, they can be referred to as a "Dead Sea" (as in a Dead Semen Producer).
1. The man's semen is like the Dead Sea: no sperm fishes can live in it.

2. Jill was hoping Dick's dick would explode, but instead she discovered Dick's dick was a Dead Sea.

3. Mary: "I feel bad for Jessica, she can't have kids with Albert's Dead Sea"

Joe: "Well, on the other hand, you can feel good for Albert: thanks to that DEAD SEA of his, he can sleep around without a condom".
by Jackette55 November 24, 2009
Dead sea is when your having sex in a bathtub or hot tub and the guy jizzes and it floats up to the top and the chick swallows it.
Ahh man that was the best dead sea ever I really love this chick.
by xpert roshan November 14, 2006
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