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Another word for man gravy, baby batter, nut-juice, cum, sperm.

Named so because of it's allegedly salty taste and consistency.
"Sarah got so worked up last night giving me head she had two servings of Dead sea pudding."
by aenar November 22, 2009
1.) To masturbate using the hand of a recently dead person.

2.) To sit on one's own hand until it goes numb; (otherwise known as "The Stranger") then holding it in ice water until it reaches the desired temperature of a corpse and masturbating with it.

Named after the well-known director of several zombie moves, George Romero.
1.) Rocko was fired from his job at the funeral home for getting caught giving himself a romero with Mrs. Lipschitz.

2.) After losing his job Rocko was forced to improvise since he no longer had access to any dead bodies.
by aenar March 12, 2010

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