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A turd that 'scribbles' on the bowl as it goes down... leaving indecipherable markings that clearly convey a message to those who follow along, even if a literal interpretation escapes them.

An underlying implication is that it's a massively smelly example that will surely 'kill' the sea to which it is no-doubt heading.
"Dude, someone just left a dead sea scroll in the can on our floor... I'd suggest using the one on the 5th floor unless you're ready to tackle the next chapter in sanskrit..."
by jamesohoh7@txic May 03, 2010
Swashbucklers are into 'sword crossing', in the man-love sense of the term. Used as a derogatory remark one might make to a buddy who just made an unfortunate comment about admiring another man for ostensibly 'normal' reasons. However, this is now easily (and most humorously) turned against him for the enjoyment of all gathered.
Hans: Does anyone else think that insert name of famous male actor here is the greatest ever?

Franz: What, you want to cross swords with him, eh 'swashbuckler'?
by jamesohoh7@txic August 27, 2009

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