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Warm, creamy, sometimes gooey or sticky discharge from the act of love-making. See also: baby batter
I covered her mashed potato mountains in my man gravy.
by Josh January 31, 2004
End result of leaving a fourteen year old boy at home alone for two+ hours with unblocked Internet access.
Tommy spent ten minutes cleaning his man gravy off of the keyboard.
by Harry Manback November 29, 2006
The juices exerted from a man's body, especially during Yuletide, in the winter, and immediately following Lent. Single men are the largest contributors of unconfined Man Gravy, which can be a major problem if the resources to clean up Man Gravy are not at hand. Some find the taste and smell of Man Gravy too much to resist, and can often be found using Man Gravy for everything from condiments to new fashion styles. Can also be used for painting, and with proper preparation, sculpting.

Also refered to as "The (Insert Male Subject's Name)'s Special"
"That room is completely covered in Man Gravy!"

"I accidentally got Man Gravy all over my bed sheets."

Tom served her a fresh helping of Man Gravy.

Too much Man Gravy is always a good thing.
by Ass. Prod. Sully January 14, 2008
sperm from a male that a female receives and she likes it in her mouth
tanya likes my hot mangravy all over her grill
by browneyes21 April 01, 2010
The end product of a dude's failure to wipe his ass well enough. Remnant fecal matter is spread around between the ass cheeks creating a warm vegemite paste of shit that becomes too uncomfortable to ignore. Particularly bad on hot days or when exercising. Often leads to shit streaks in the underwear.

Dudes - wipe your ass. You shouldn't have to go back after an hour and to clean out the man gravy.
(While running) Fuck - I didn't wipe good enough and now I've got man gravy.

Girl to boy: Dude, no WAY an I going down there. I smell man gravy.

One dude to another, observing a fidgety dude: That guy must have some angry man gravy going on.
by Man Gravy March 07, 2014
the substance that is oftenly found coming out the end of a man's little rodger upon the moment of climax..
A chicken burger with extra mangravy
by Ben March 29, 2003
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