A guy who is truly amazing. He is really into music, he plays guitar, and he's really the perfect guy. You can't get a guy better than David. He brightens up the room when he walks in. He's a great friend, and also a great lover. He treats girls with the upmost respect. If you ever date a David, don't let him get away. All the girls want him, but he only wants one girl. The one he loves. He means what he says, and he tries to prove it. Great kisser, and the best boyfriend someone will ever have. He will marry a girl whose name starts with a "T." The point is, he is the best guy you will ever meet.
I wish David was mine. It's not fair he's dating her.
by chickensquare August 05, 2011

One word: BADASS. Can make anyone laugh. Usually very attractive, tall and has a certain innocence about him. Has beautiful eyes that seduce your soul. Loves girls, and everything about girls. One horny dude, but completely lovable. The coolest kid on the block. Likes to party.
Guy 1: "Did you see David today?"

Guy 2: "Oh yeah man, what a boss."
by GoodbyeSunshineHelloMoonlight September 04, 2011
The cutest guy you can ever meet, he has beautiful eyes, perfect body, very handsome, real muscular, really fun to hang out with, a little short - tempered, but you get used to it. He never cusses, always leads you to right paths, and never talks trash
I wish John was David
by JohnWhore June 28, 2011
An amazing guy with a great personality, usually a very cute guy, with a great smile. A perfect husband. Romantic, and affectionate but knows when to stand up and be a man. Very protective of friends and family. The kind of person that will give you the shirt off his back. The kind of person with a great amount of courage and bravery.
"That man was such a David."
"What he did was so David of him."
by ChChwHythis August 23, 2011
A name for a really dirty horse
Wow, you are riding a real David there.
by hotsoup October 24, 2010
David is the name of not only a man but a god. He is extremely good at beer pong and all sorts of drinking games. He is dominant to all the "Chevys" and "Daryls" of the world. He can only be defeated by Chuck Norris.
"WTF David just beat me at beer pong for the 100th time in a row!!!"
by c3004f33 and superman suck April 28, 2010
1. dependable, honest, a rock, optimistic, compasionate, understanding, reliable....... basically perfect
2. hot, sexy, AMAZING in bed, completely satisfying, blow your mind wonderful
1. I'm so glad my bf is David

2. David.... enough said
by dancingkitty February 03, 2010

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