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Most hilarious person you will ever meet. Sweet, kind, of course funny, and cute, although he might admit to none of those things. Unbelievably caring and willing to stand up for what he believes in, stick up for friends/girlfriend, and not afraid to just have fun no matter what anyone thinks. Very intelligent, sometimes even thinks too much into things. Has a lot of friends, but loses temper easily when it comes to certain things. Mess with the people close to him? Watch out. Very protective and loving! And, overall, just an awesome person.
My boyfriend is the most amazing guy, his name is David!"
by SpinnerJane October 05, 2010
A total jerk to the ones he most dislikes, but a hella nice guy to the ones he likes. Stands up for the one he loves, even if the opposite person hasn't truly accepted him. Has a funny personality, isnt always the nicest guy around, but tries hard enough with the ones he approves of for himself. Also can be pretty shy when actually seeing or making a move towards the person he loves. David may also get angry and start calling people a 'pussy' or a 'bitch' at times when he loses a basketball game, or some sort of activity that involves competition.
David is such a nice handsome guy at times, despite the fact that hes a jerk!
by Yurple. October 20, 2010
a charming and very kindhearted boy who is loved beyond expressible. he's the single most best person to walk into my life and he gives me faith, hope and a reason to love. hes the person i would do anything for and life is meaningless without him. I love you David. if you ever get a chance to meet David, keep him so close to your heart and please, please cherish him.
david is the most amazing....
by pinto.minto June 21, 2010
A hot guy with a huge dick. Horny beast who gets the girls he wants and is a sex GOD.
girl : oh, oh , ooooh david!
david : yeah babe.
by 219239rin2 March 09, 2010
Some with a beautiful heart, strong will, tough as nails but super sweet. Has a huge dick, enjoys the finer things in life. Has a bad boy attitude. Moody like a time bomb ready to go off.
David is going to kick your ass right after we have sex.
by \ss/ February 03, 2010
A gorgeously awesome man. Contains a large muscular structure, and knows how to please his woman. Has a manly voice. Has been known to be grouchy, so dont mess with, or you might really regret it.
"My name is David, and I am all that is man"
by SBG86 February 02, 2010
a sweet charming guy, who is funny and is really hot. he is so lovable in every way
Awwwww, You are such a David
by socrdiva20 November 23, 2010