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David is by far the most amazing guy any girl could only dream of. He's extremely funny, he's got that charm that will definitely capture a girl's attention instantly. Usually not shy about anything or with anyone. A HUGE flirt! The hottest guy ever to walk on this Earth! He's extremely sexy and the BEST in bed! Knows just how to please a girl. Has beautiful eyes that are a mystery to anyone BUT the person that has his heart. Not anyone is able to capture his heart. Though he is extremely good looking and has tons of admirers he's still self-conscious at points. Needs to be well appreciated and shown that he really is amazing. Very intelligent and always knows how to have fun. Knows exactly what to say to make anyone feel amazing about themselves. His arms are a safety zone. Protective and forceful, will defend what/who he cares for above all. Sweet, kind, and very loving. Any girl that has David as her boyfriend is definitely the LUCKIEST girl out there!
I am so lucky to be able to call the most perfect, amazing, hottest guy ever MINE! His name is David.
by tigerrr10 May 22, 2011
Davids are usually very sweet and charming. Although they can also be tricky. If you love a David, you will find yourself falling in love with him over and over whenever he says your name.
David, I love you.
by TheBrownie August 19, 2010
David is litterally the most badass, awsomest, smartest, cunning, sexiest, charming, deadliest guy on the planet or any known universe. He took down goliath, and he can take down any motha fucker that stands in his way. others strive to be half of what david is, but no one comes close. He created swagger. You can usually spot david by the trail of amasement, awe, envy. but rember you wont be the only one trying to find david, he usually has an army of hot girls trying to find him, and when they do ya'll know what happens. He is the original "most interesting man alive", and will always be. There is nothing this man cant do, but there are many things he wont do. ...like anything gay, or stupid. If you dont belive every bit of this, you are obviously a hater and in denial, but once you get over that you will agree, and be in amasement and envy of david.
austin strives to be like david, but he never comes close.
by themosthonestmanalive September 24, 2010
A guy who can dance in complete sync with women. Flawlessly replicating their every move while simultaneously getting the woman aroused from the sheer finesse of the moves.
Woman 1: Damn who's she dancing with?

Woman 2: Hmm...must be David...

Woman 1: How do you know?

Woman 2: Uh? Does it look like she's having an orgasm out there?....It's David.
by Davim-slim April 26, 2010
Davids are usually the most amazing kind of guys out there. They are caring and gentle with a crazy and wild party side.

Davis are easy to fall in love with and impossible to forget. They often have an incredible smile and know exactly what to say when one is sad.

Loyal to family and friends David is the definition of perfection
See that guy over there, he's David, and he's perfect

I have never loved someone like I love David
by SecretLovexx April 18, 2011
An atractive, sweet, cool , funny guys that I love
look at that david hes so hot
by kep111111111111100000000001 June 26, 2010
A beautiful man with baller status. Often seen with his homeboys or a female. He usually has a wall up, but carries a sweet, soft side that is hard to find. Most people fear the David because he's a boss. Many admire him and want to be like him leading to envy. David is a lover, but rather put a front as a fighter. He's an undercover family man. Usually late to everything, but worth the wait. He loves slurpees because they're cool like him. The David is dificult, but a great lover.
Girl 1: "Hey who are you going to the dance with?"
Girl 2: "David, He's dreamy."
Girl 1: "Sorry I already asked him. He's Perfect."
by tastyboo June 27, 2011