A name for a really dirty horse
Wow, you are riding a real David there.
by hotsoup October 24, 2010
David Agtarap is a name used to describe a person with the qualities of a hero. He is truly a man. He may doubt himself at times but he is a strong, lovely, and funny man. He dances like a bamf, sings like an angel, and play piano like a rockstar. He is loved by many. He's on a never-ending journey to discover who he truly is. & I pray he finds it one day.
Ex: Woah, that studmuffin must be named David. He's amazing(:
by Mwah19 July 27, 2011
An amazingly patient and forgiving man. He's brave and strong and any girl would be lucky to have him. His favorite things include guns, airplanes and xbox. He's smart, funny and very handsome. And of course, he's a SEX GOD. Basically perfect in every way.
Holy crap, I can't believe I'm the lucky girl who gets to marry David!
by drk1407 May 15, 2011
(n) a sweet guy who is a badass at everything from swimming to videogames to hugging. he has the best eyes, and has a kinda dirty mind. he is a great friend, and a cool rolemodel. he is a light in a dark place.
Dude, my boyfriend? He's a David!!!!!
by missy15yo December 30, 2010
David is a male that resembles a sexy purple dinosaur
That david is purple
That david is sexy
by TEsixteen April 26, 2010
someone who is Loved more than any other thing in the world. The Love of my life FOREVER!
Wow, look at that guy over there he looks just like a david...The Love of my life!

King David....god introduced us!
1.one of the baddest mofo in the world..if your names David might as well go to a club and shout it out as this in turn will lead to hot girls hooking up with you but be trendy as this will also attract ugly switches as they say with great name comes great responsibility.

2. Someone whos destined to do greatness as seen throughout history including the bible as King David, if you know someone named David consider it an honor as you will soon ride him and copy the greatness he does
Oh my god that kid just fucked my mom.
''Oh yea he did that to joeys mom last week thats David
by jennifexx December 14, 2010

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