He is perfect to me I don't care what others think about him because to me he is just perfect and the most amazing sweetest guy ever. Who would walk in the rain just to get to where I am. Who would stay up until the sun is shining. Indeed, you are the best thing that has happened to me my love. I am thankful I met a David that has a kind heart full of love for me.
Me: David!!!

David" Yes BEATUIFUL! (:
by jessjocelyn15 October 05, 2010
brown hair, attractive, looks like a sloth and does very well with girls with big lips.
"oh what a babe! he is a david"
by dora lopez March 17, 2010
David is an amazing guy. He is funny,sweet and cute. He makes you laugh about anything he says. He is original. He's himself. He is a true friend. He's been hurt and needs someone to make him happy. He is the best guy you would ever meet. Once you get to know him. You will never want to stop being around him. He is awesome and handsome. He wears glasses and is smart. He makes girls happy when they are feeling down and he also tells a girl she looks pretty when she wants tips. He is a really nice,amazing,handsome,and sweetest guy you would ever meet.
I love him. hes my best friend. David is the sweetest guy I've ever met.
by Lina2325 March 29, 2013
An extremly hot kid with hot hair and cute eyes who would do especially good with a girl named Stephanie. A guy who has EXTREMLY HOT HAIR. and a EXTREMLY HOT BODY and who is EXTREMLY HOT AND FUCKABLE.
Wow dude your such a David body(;
by <3gummybear August 23, 2011
A formidable foe to normal people. Intelligent, strong, and daring. A weird hybrid of a bully and a nerd. A person who is really cool or awesome. Usually very nice and funny, and is loved by most everyone. Very good looking and has great taste in music, nothing compares to a David
You are such a David for banging my mom and sister!
by TheRealDavid July 05, 2011
A person usually having a monsterous cock and is so manly that his dick has a dick(including pubes). He also has a talent of being able to have sex with an asian and a mexican chick at the same time making very beautiful melodies of organsim noises. He is so great that even though budda is his besy friend God still speaks with him because of his greatness.
Wow, i had sex with that David last night and i couldn't believe how great it was.
by FirearmsPimp November 11, 2008
The best man to ever date! He's kind, caring, sweet, likes someone for who they are and not what they look like, and is super sexy, and fun loving. He respects the girl he's with. Isn't always very talkative but knows just what to say. Is shy and quiet around other people/friends, but when he gets to know them he doesn't shut up. Gotta love this guy. He's the "nice guy", but nice guys are the best to date!
I wish I was dating David!
by smokinhotgf December 15, 2012

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