Hot Outgoing Person. Very Smart at the same time very cool. If has orange/red hair hes a keeper and overall nice person that will help you in anything. Perfect Guy.

Person 1: "Hey have you seen David?"
Person 2: "No, but I wish I Did."
by CoderGFX January 18, 2009
dacid a type of guy who have a very large part of him enjoyed by many and he is awesome in bed. very loving cares for friend and has a great personality about him he make girl scream his name the boy CAN'T TOP THAT. his dick is the size of fucking king kong. he easily love a girl to much especially with there names begin with T and are weird but but very enjoyale. not mater what he does the first girl he fucks he won't get over. and denies he really loves her but he's a tur sex king
girls hope you could handle the bull david got in his pants
by caria February 21, 2009
Extremely amazing and hilarious
will always keep you laughing
plays musical instruments
is a total pineapple *pineapple = blonde on the inside, brown on the outside*
Is also a gangsta with an amazing singing voice
David's usually dont know their singing talent and therefore wont sing to anyone
"Dude, ur such a David"
"I dont know if thats an insult or not"
by pineapples_are_cool May 02, 2009
David's amazing. He can light up any room he walks into. He's got the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen. And a stunning smile. He's strong, talented, &has a great sense of humor. He can steal anyone's heart. He knows what to say when someones down&always sticks up for what he believes in. He's the most caring, loving, and forgiving person you'll ever meet. You'll never meet anyone like him. He's real and will always tell you the truth. He kicks ass in baseball. Gives the best hugs and kisses. You'll always remember David. He's beautiful&special in every way. No one can make your heart pound like David can.
That guy doesn't even compare to David.
by Lmfao1739 August 22, 2011
A very loving, caring indivaul who has a heart of gold,smart worthy sexy man. One who help anyone even if its his enemies.
by someone who thinks ur it April 12, 2010
A guy who does not share his feelings, keeps to himself. Does not get a hint when you like him. Everyone in his class loves him (even some of the guys). Girls get jealous and catfight over him. He will regrete liking you and say he will throwup then go right on and talk to you. Very funny, can be romantic, attractive, and sexy guy. He loves to talk. Does not call you back.If you date a David you will be praised, and worshiped.
"I told David you liked him and he said he wanted to throwup"

five seconds later.....
David walks up to the person that likes him "hey whats up!"
by Amazing Anna December 05, 2009
A king of men... A David is god! He will destroy giants and crush opponents. He is a true man. To anger him is to incur a wrath not seen since the age of Spartan warriors! Unusually charming and plays off of his good looks and devilish smile. A man who is both strong and gentle, he has compassion, is dependable, honest and caring, handsome and seductive; an attentive and selfless lover. A David is a man that does and gets what he wants while staying true to his morals. A David should be praised, and worshiped. He is dedicated and determined. Chooses his lucky lovers all too wisely but can love a woman too much especially when their names begin with T. Is known to have at least an 11lb cock!
King David…..enough said!!
by DAMnT April 22, 2011

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