The man of my dreams. The most amazing person in the entire world. The person I will spend the rest of my life with.

The love of my life.

Typically drinks too much, plays his music wayyy too loud, and doesn't know how to take a joke. =]

Also known as Day-Day, Dummy, Mr. Amazing, Little Foot. =]
David Dunn; the boy that gets super drunk and incoherent, but still hugs and kisses me all night<3
by LoLo<3 September 02, 2008
The meaning of Our Beloved One. A king of men! He will destroy giants and crush opponents. He is a true man. To anger him is to incur a wrath which will instill fear in the hearts of millions! Unusually charming and plays off of his good looks and devilish smile. He stands out. Very caring, active, handsome and seductive. An attentive and selfless lover. To him, the world is his. He shows determination. He tends to be loud and boastful. A man who is both strong and gentle, he has compassion, but can still react without mercy. A great leader, all people flock to him. A man that does and gets what he wants while never playing by any particular rules. Sought after by many, both female and male alike but he chooses his lucky lovers all too wisely.
That man is truly a "David".
by The King of all Men August 16, 2009
The meaning of Our Beloved One. He stands out. Very caring, active, seductive, and handsome out of this world. He supports, annoying, creep, and shows determination. He well trained at times, but can often show his weirdness. Talent and smart and strong. He tends to be loud and boastful. Also baffling. Where would I or we be without him.
david is the doctor we wish was around all the time.
by jarehead March 16, 2009
One fine ass muthafucka with the hugest penis that all the ladies wanna suck.
Guy 1: dammnnnn dude look at that David
Guy 2: how do you know hes a David ?
Guy 1: man look! he has to wrap his dick around him!
by TheGuyWhoDidYourMum. May 18, 2009
Name for a person capable of maintaining a massive erection through hours of vigorous intercourse with even the most experienced women.
Very hot experienced woman -- That guys a David!
Random guy -- Why?
......'nuff said
by SuperBabyMethod July 14, 2009
David and goliath any david will always come out ahead david never losses david is a great name
david beat the rest of them in the tournament
by mikielch March 29, 2007
Of Hebrew Origin, Meaning: Man after God's own heart. Mighty King, Conquring Warrior. Leader and protector assigned by God. Contemplative, prayerful and wise. A man of honor. One of true character, strength, beauty, vision and talent. Creator of beautiful music. Lifter of spirit's. Joyful, Playful. Mender of things broken. Adored and loved one. My gift from God.
Standing victorious at the end of the battlefield, looking over wheat fields of gold, David contemplated all that stood before him and all left behind, and out of his heart created beautiful music for the Lord, who is good.

With joyful abandon, out his hearts abundance, David made beautiful music and lifted the people's spirits and gave them hope

A man after God's own heart, David spent time alone seeking God's face.

The deepest water or the longest crossing could not keep my heart from my adored one, David.

On the battlefield's of life, there is no other I'd rather stand beside than a leader and protector such as David.

In a memory flash, the harmony of angles lead me home, to my destiny, to be only with you, David.
by lordslady February 05, 2010

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