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David, a hot young man. Well kept, and beautiful brown hair and eyes. Smart and funny. loves rock music.
Girl 1: Damn that boy has such a gorgeous face! along with his brown eyes and brown hair!

Girl 2: Yeah, his name is David.

Girl 1: No wonder!!
by xxxDeathBySharpiesxxx March 25, 2009
Though incredibly sexy and intelligent, a David is most often recognized by the size of his heart. Wanted by all as either a Father, Brother, Husband, Lover, or Friend; David's are highly sought after and if obtained, should be handled with great care.
So there I was at the grocery store and I saw this man with his kids and I thought to myself... Wow what a David. I wonder if he's single!
by David_Drooler September 25, 2010
A guy that is both strong and gentle, he has compassion, but can still react without mercy. A great leader, all people flock to him. He also knows how to care for women and treat them right, while still wearing the pants in the relationship. To him, the world is his, and he can do anything and everything he wants. Though many girls flock to him, one of his favorite choices would be Alex, Ally, or any variation of the name Alexandra.
Dude, that guy is so nice, he knows just how to treat me, he is a true David.
by Carlton1 May 05, 2009
David is a name NORMALLY only given to males. For some people, it represents leadership, intelligence and good sportsmanship. Many David's have also been known to share a differen't perspective on things (including myself).
"David's so cool, did you see him get that touchdown?"

"Did you see David standing in the rain with a smile on his face? It's like he has an understanding with the weather!"
by Stingray-117 January 13, 2009
Sexiest man in the world. Has the perfect cock. AWESOME IN BED! People always say i just had sex with David and i orgasmed like 20 times. David is the best guy in the world compared to all other guys. David gets all the girls
by sexGod12321233 January 09, 2010
always juiced and looks fly
that guy looks like a david
by helix_09 February 23, 2007
The man of my dreams. The most amazing person in the entire world. The person I will spend the rest of my life with.

The love of my life.

Typically drinks too much, plays his music wayyy too loud, and doesn't know how to take a joke. =]

Also known as Day-Day, Dummy, Mr. Amazing, Little Foot. =]
David Dunn; the boy that gets super drunk and incoherent, but still hugs and kisses me all night<3
by LoLo<3 September 02, 2008