high quality, potent, moist weed!
pass that dank fo shizzle my nizzle
that shwg you had befor sucked ass, chuuuch!
by paco June 24, 2003
Dank Just Means Good, or sweet
"Man that movie was DANK!"
by Luther May 29, 2003
A word commonly used to define marijuana as wet or moist, an agreeable and often desired quality when purchasing said drug. However, as misinterpreted by some idiot stoners one day, dank now refers to something "cool" or "awesome" which sound really weird to someone who knows the proper meaning of the word.
Guy: Wow! Your mom made us cookies?!? You have a dank-ass mom!

Girl: Never say that again.

Guy: Dude this quesadilla from Taco Bell is dank as fuck.

Girl: Your taco is wet? You should complain to the manager.

Guy: You should buy the new Call of Duty. The futuristic weapons look so dank.

by Duh-fine October 14, 2014
1. To describe something of immense interest (almost, if not, to a point of making ones-self moist), such as the use of dope, sick or mad. Also frequently used slang by stoners and hippies.

1.2 adj. Cool, awesome or amazing.

2. An associated describing word for the word wet, damp, moist or dark and gooey . E.g Gross.

3. Highly potent weed, that upon use, is still sticky and moist.
Lillian: "yo, dude, last Friday night was hella dank!"

Adam: "Had sex with my girlfriend last night."
John: "was she dank?"
Adam: "Hell yea she was!"

Owen: "Hey Mitch, wanna come over?"
Mitch: "Yea, sure. Just let me snatch up some fine danks first, then I'll be right over."
by Sexual whale dude August 26, 2014
Extremely dope ass cannabis.

Weed that lingers, even after you have placed it in is secret hiding spot.

Incredibly soft cannabis buds that comfort you when you began to roll
a joint.
Just grabbed a sack of dank from Boss man ova there.
by FriendlySoulKid August 20, 2014
A word often used to describe the appearance, or scent of a female I'm a negative form.
Guy 1: I was drunk last night, Sarah and I hooked up.

Guy 2: Gross man! Sarah is Dank.
by Midnight Mastermind July 27, 2014
Disagreeably damp.
*meghan spills drink*
*emma cleans it up*
Meghan-"Emma the table is still to dank to play clue on."
by SuperSwagSeven July 15, 2014

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