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Dank - When the marijuana you have purchassed or grown has a potent smell, colorful hairs, and tastes like it just came from a magical bud forrest.
Dealer to Stoner - "I just coped a fat sack of the dank"
by LetsGetSmacked April 10, 2009
a term that describes some good ass weed, but nowadays is easily used to rip people off cuz dank does not have a distinct look, jus remember, if it smells a lot and is very light green, then a good deal, if in doubt, dont buy it and go to another dealer; other terms to fool kids: dro, sticky icky, fire, kush, etc.
1- this weed does not look that good
2-dude this is fuckin dank
1-yo its the same color as my shit and has a million seeds in it
2-yo u obviously dont know about weed
1-fuck u (punches 2 in the face, takes his money and shoves the weed dow 2's throat)
by KGBPURPLECITY October 09, 2007
Dank Just Means Good, or sweet
"Man that movie was DANK!"
by Luther May 29, 2003
Extremely dope ass cannabis.

Weed that lingers, even after you have placed it in is secret hiding spot.

Incredibly soft cannabis buds that comfort you when you began to roll
a joint.
Just grabbed a sack of dank from Boss man ova there.
by FriendlySoulKid August 20, 2014
1. Potent/Strong smelling marijuana
2. Something very strong and foul in odor
1. "Yoooo re-up from George, he got the fucking DANK!"
2. *walks by bad smelling kid* "Ewwww that kid DANKS!"

- 2a. "That kid smells fucking DANK"
by AowwwCHUCKS December 09, 2012
potency of weed, also can be referred to as something of high quality
These chips from caledonia were danky!
by tumeconné June 02, 2011
A word often used to describe the appearance, or scent of a female I'm a negative form.
Guy 1: I was drunk last night, Sarah and I hooked up.

Guy 2: Gross man! Sarah is Dank.
by Midnight Mastermind July 27, 2014