Insanely amazing. There is no other way to describe how amazing it actually is.

The most incredible thing ever.
Hey man, that shirt is pretty dank!
I know, I got it from a dank store.
by BraedenEh July 31, 2013
Anything, person, or event that is awesome, delicious, potent, exciting, or bacon.
Dude, this bacon is dank.
by NtotheElm December 13, 2012
the danky, dank weed is high class weed (kush, white whidow)
or dank chronic, dense high quality dank nugs.

those white whidow seeds grew the danky
by pack September 11, 2005
high quality, potent, moist weed!
pass that dank fo shizzle my nizzle
that shwg you had befor sucked ass, chuuuch!
by paco June 24, 2003
A word often used to describe the appearance, or scent of a female I'm a negative form.
Guy 1: I was drunk last night, Sarah and I hooked up.

Guy 2: Gross man! Sarah is Dank.
by Midnight Mastermind July 27, 2014
Wet, Moist, often referred to a good basketball shot.
Bro 1: "Did you see that shot!?"
Bro 2: "Yeah it was so dank"
by soggymushrooms January 15, 2014
the act of being a bitch or fuck nigga; being annoying.
Bruh you acting dank as fuck.

You dank as fuck.
by Jahlil December 25, 2013

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