A word that is used to describe something or someone that is cool or awesome.
Man, the Preuss High School Class of 2013 sure is Dank.
by That'sDank January 19, 2011
Dank - When the marijuana you have purchassed or grown has a potent smell, colorful hairs, and tastes like it just came from a magical bud forrest.
Dealer to Stoner - "I just coped a fat sack of the dank"
by LetsGetSmacked April 10, 2009
Something referring to cool as MLG or meme standered.
Yo, look at this rare pepe, I bought it's so dank
by xXx_FedoraMaster_xXx May 31, 2016
What people use to describe something that they find cool.
Friend: Did you get new shows?
You: Ya. Why?
Friend: Because there dank and a half
by urafckinbich April 19, 2016
Adjective: something that is really f*cking cool, hot, or sometimes used in a sarcastic manner to define something as sh*t.
"Have you seen Evan Peters' new film? He looks so dank in it."

"Hey, you know the psychology homework? Yeah, it'd due in tomorrow.."

"Oh, that's fucking dank"
by s_y97x March 04, 2015
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