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Daniyal is the loveliest guy you will meet. He will steal your heart, make you laugh, and you'll always smile when you think about him. He will laugh at himself and is not at all cocky... his eyes are magnetic and you won't be able to stop looking at him.
Guy : Oh who's that dude over there?
Girl : Just look at him! He's tall, dark and handsome - gotta be a Daniyal
#dapyal #doktor #daani #dandan #mooslim
by aldeep99 May 26, 2009
Daniyal is a slang pejorative term meaning a sexually promiscuous person, typically male.
Its origins are attributed to the now depopulated Palestinian town of the same name.
The male inhabitants of the aforementioned municipality were renowned for their overly promiscuous sexual behaviour.
After the subsequent depopulation of the district during the 1948 Palestine war, Daniyal is still used to describe people as unusually promiscuous, often to the point of polyandry /polygamy.
The daniyal was shunned on grounds of polygamy.
That daniyal is exceptionally enthusiastic with the ladies.
#polygamy #polyandry #promiscuous #sexually promiscuous #depopulated town
by hroal May 12, 2010
A Daniyal is someone who is charming and a badass. He might have bad teeth but you'll see around that for his awesome hair. Daniyal's are funny, somewhat caring, great company to have, popular, and a good(ish) kisser. Daniyal's usually have a great body also.
Wow, that man's hair is SICK. He MUST be a Daniyal.
#daniyal #popular #hott #amazing #vampire teeth #badass
by bluebamboozle45 December 30, 2011
A fat child with thyroid that likes to hack in online games.
"OMG that hacker killed me a again.....must be a Daniyal
#daniyal #hacks #thyroid #fat #lard
by Bobgfdsgdfg March 03, 2010
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