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Best way to pick up girls. You can then drag them to your windowless black van.
Excuse me, miss, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
by Liquidus March 01, 2005
A heavy liquid (CHCl3) which, when vapors are inhaled, causes strong anesthetic effects. Thought to be carcinogenic, toxic to the heart and liver. Abuse can cause sudden death.
Chloroform is nothing to fuck around with.
by Marty October 22, 2003
Chloroform is chemically called Trichloro methane. It is carcinogenic if inhaled in excessive amounts and hence is not widely used on humans. It is used as an anesthetic mainly in pharma laboratories on mice.
Chloroform formula - CHCl3

Chloroform structure:

by Jai Shri Ram May 30, 2005
Similar to a 'Simba' where you humiliate your bedroom company by intentionally (or mockingly) jamming a tissue full of wonder glue into their face and squeal in a high pitched or sing-song voice 'CHLOROFORM'!!

Note: not everyone finds this as funny as I do.
Jenny pounced onto Jim with a tissue full of his jizz, jammed it into his face and yelled 'Chloroform' and that was when Jim realised Jenny was a keeper.
by Dario Barrera June 14, 2013
Relating to software:
Encapsulating a chunk of malfunctioning code in a try-catch block for the purposes of disregarding the exceptions that are thrown. Used primarily to 'silence' exceptions.
We'll chloroform the bad code and deal with it later.

I had to cholroform the code to get it to work.

Exceptions were being thrown left, right, and center. Chloroform did the trick.
by Daniel Marantz September 17, 2005
A sexual game in which a man takes a woman from behind, so as she cannot see him. The man ejaculates into a handkerchief and then shoves it into the face of the unknowing woman, covering her nose and mouth as if chloroforming her.

Can work MF, MM

Chloroform-ing, Chloroform-ed
Marty got beat up by a pimp after he chloroformed that hooker.
by N8erTots May 25, 2010
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