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A Danielle, is a person that can keep a conversation going with only a smile and a laugh. The brown golden curls lay perfectly on her head, so that each curl glistens in the sun. A Danielle is a person that dresses absolutely gorgeous and everyone breaks their necks when they see her. Believe it or not, she like to do drama. A Danielle might sound pretty and great, but her bad days aren't good. You don't want to see her sad in public. But an overall Danielle is cool, fun to be around, outgoing, and the most awesomest person. A Danielle is a crazy, make you laugh all the time person.
If I don't start being Danielle, I won't get anywhere in life.
by Laaatricity September 03, 2011
22 22
a very sexy attractive girl who loves bananas
i want that girl Danielle in my bed
by sexy beast12345678900987654321 August 20, 2011
16 16
Is a crazy hot mess! Has a rad koon tail on her whiter then white blonde head. Always full of life and down to do what ever even almost getting arrested. She’s almost one of the guys but super fine. Her road signs are what make her road trips so amazing. One time I drunkenly kissed her, and she’s a great kisser!!! Her rapping is pretty legit, it gets any crowd loving her. Watch out she’s a Hugger she wont shake your hand but shell attack you with arms wide open. She makes me smile and makes me laugh constantly she’s a genuine person and anyone would be lucky to have her in their life... I just hope one day I can tell her how I feel face to face instead of ranting on, on urban. Anyways she ROCKS!
Your white your bad ass you rap, and I wanna do you? You must be a Danielle.
by Bashhhh August 17, 2011
18 19
La meilleure mère au monde, elle est gentille, drôle, généreuse, on ne peut pas demander mieux ! Elle est et elle sera toujours dans le coeur de ses proches. Danielle est originale, spéciale et pure. Peu importe ce qu'il arrive elle sait comment réagir et elle est importante pour tout le monde. On peut toujours compter sur Danielle. Son sourire est contagieux, même si on ne le dit pas assez souvent, on la remercie du fond du coeur et on l'aime énormément.
Danielle :)
by Lilimusic8 May 14, 2011
13 14
an amazing person who will do anything for her friends. she can eat forever and still have a perfect figure. she is the most beautiful person alive. she is not afraid to get muddy or wet. she is a country girl born and raised in the city. your life will be enhanced the moment you lay eyes on her, she is very hipper and full of energy. you can always count on her to cheer you up.
holy crap that girl is fine who is she
she is danielle
by tanye b. December 02, 2013
0 2
Danielle is one of the prettiest and most caring girls you will meet. She has brown hair with natural highlights and hazel eyes that look green in bright light. She is super funny and honest and wants to have everyone's approval but will never change herself for anyone. She wants to be close to everyone and hates silence. She has the best clothes and is always smiling. She likes to think that she acts black, but in reality, she is the whitest girl you've ever met. She tries her best in things that she loves doing, but when she hates something, she really hates it. Danielle loves the beach, animals, and wishes she has time to learn everything in the world that anyone could possibly know. Nobody can say a bad word towards Danielle. Danielle is beautiful and funny and deserves only the best.
That girl is super awesome, she must be a Danielle!
by Awesomemc April 20, 2013
5 7
a word used to describe a high amount of anger.
stubs toe* : DANIELLE, THIS HURTS LIKE A BITCH. use "danielle" instead of "OW"
by yolochick123 January 01, 2013
8 10