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Danielle is usually a female. She will be the best person you'll ever meet. She has such a great personality, and you'll never meet anyone like her. Although she is a nun, she will be the most amazing person you have ever met.
I love Danielle so much she's the greatest!
by Str8Russ November 10, 2013
1 7
Danielle is that one girl that once you fall in love with, you cannot get over her, she is funny and is always there for her friends she is short, cute, petite, has dark hair and she has the looks of a goodess, she is so amazing. She is every guys dream girl and who every girl wants to be like, it is almost scary how she is such a great friend, great personality, and great looks just one of those gifted angels from God and has the ability to make you happy just by her beautiful smile
Guy 1: I think im in love with that Danielle chick
Guy 2: No! She is mine!
Guy 1 and 2 starts to fight over her
by ChoBro8 November 02, 2013
0 7
A very pretty girl with a large butt. Danielle tends to be confusing with her emotions, she says one thing but means another. She says she likes you but flirts with other guys. Even though she may have some bad personality traits, she is very funny and nice (at times) and is the most byoootiful girl in the whole world<3
Danielle is amazing <3
by cheerio427 January 05, 2012
14 21
She's tiny and cute but has a tendency of slapping people when she finds them funny. She's insanely short but it makes her all the more adorable and not look her age at all. Don't mess with a Danielle because she will remember it forever and hold it against you.
"That girl is so small and cute.."
"She's a Danielle."
by ryaryar August 04, 2013
1 9
The girl version of daniel
Shes tall has brow hair and gray eyes
Shes crazy loud and fun
Danielles main purpose in life is to make everyone laugh and just to have fun

Danielle can be very pretty and nice
Hey your so funny are you a Danielle?
by Speedracer1235 June 17, 2013
2 11
She is a beautiful, wonderful girl that everyone loves. Danielles don't realize just how beautiful they are, though, so tell them! They are some of the nicest, smartest people u will ever meet, and they are fiercly loyal to a fault. They sometimes feel as if they are being used because of how nice they are, though, so try not to take advantage of a Danielle, because she will notice. Danielles are quirky and aren't afraid to show it. They generally are obsessed with books, are shorter than most people, and have long, straight, chocolate brown hair and eyes of the same color. Danielles also have glasses and have a strange inability to put in contacts, though they want to.
That girl is so smart and gorgeous, she must be a Danielle.
by LongLiveRockNRoll2112 June 14, 2013
2 11
A cool girl sumtimes. Moody as fuck though. Her mood fluctuates as much as her weight. She tries hard to maintain her large profile by limiting herself to avocados only. Whatev
Who ate all the avocados? Who ate all the mayonaise? Of course... Danielle
by espn2 August 24, 2011
25 34