Danielle is one of the greatest girls you could have for a friend or girl friend. If you know when then you should never ever let her go. She's amazingly gorgeous (although you may have to remind her that), really nice, funny, sensitive, caring, supportive, and all around amazing. She likes when people are protective of her, but she could protect herself fine. If your her enemy you should watch out because she does NOT put up with crap. She won't send you to the hospital but she will tell you what she thinks. Sometimes she can be a little opinionated but everyone has their flaws. Every guy in the school wants her even though she doesn't realize it. Never ever let a Danielle go. She makes the world ten times brighter. I wish I could have a Danielle
Guy- "Wow Danielle's perfect! I want her to be mine!"

Guys friend "Tell me about it"
by 172738393929292929293 January 19, 2012
Danielle who is she you must ask this angel of perfection she is the best human being to ever step foot on this earth . Her power, indenpence , love , care , affection these are just the little things that she does .
Her smile that brings her cheeks high with her dimples makes me feel on top of the world being with this goddess makes you feel like time had stopped and its only you two left in the world . Even to her birthmark on her left cheek to her beautiful toes im deeply in love with she didn't just show me love & care she's showing me a better future.

My Carmel Frapp <3
Danielle my love forever
by ChocolateeexD September 14, 2011
1. A jew

2. Perfection

3. The best friend you could ever ask for!!!!

4. You'd be lucky to call Danielle your best friend and girlfriend!

5. Most beautiful girl you will ever meet

6. Love her with all your heart, you wont find someone so amazing as her
Me and Danielle shrugged all night long ;)
by Boobear squeesh May 01, 2011
meaning one super hot beesh that can fit eight marshmallows in her mouth, is fond of miniature elephants, she always has something smart to say, can't resist my boyish charm, and always looks good in history class
Damn you sure are pulling a Danielle with those mortal combat skills you got!
by conrizzle April 19, 2009
One who considers her most honorable trait her hilarious innuendos. Very normal AT FIRST. She is often mistaken as quiet and shy. But is really really creepy, but that is why we love her.
"We're in the Holocaust museum, why is Danielle juggling oranges?"
"Because she loves handling firm objects"
by Ball Lover January 11, 2015
The most beautiful girl in the world, she'll makes you smile whenever you hear her voice, and make you fall in love all over again when you see her face, she's the nicest girl you'll ever know, she likes to party, and can be pretty wild, she's really funny, but can also be calm, and shes more then you could ask for, you'd do anything for her, if you don't already know one, you're missing out because they're the best thing that will ever happen to you.
Look at Danielle! She's hot!
Oh my, I think I've fallen in love all over again with Danielle
by herlover1234 December 05, 2011
A beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. She is always laughing! When she's not laughing she's making others laugh. She always likes to have a good time. She is daring and loves adventure. She is kind to all, even those who hate her (or are jealous that they are not her) She has a lot to say, but mostly listens, so or like a therapist at times. She gives great advice. And although she has flaws her disposition makes her flawless. She is a great friend, but people take that for granted a lot. She has brilliant eyes and is skinny but curvy. She is perfect hug height (she's a real shorty). Guys tend to always be falling for her. She's a diamond.
Is she a Danielle?
by Amazinggrace7 May 18, 2015

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