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a girl with an amazing body and beautiful face, although some retards may see her as a butterface. she has an amazing sense of humor and laugh. is easy to hang out with and fall in love with. as smart as she is sexy. dont ever let her go if you can get her. <3
guy#1: see that girl over there? the one with an amazing body?
guy#2: oh yeah that's danielle, the most amazing girl in oxnard.
by 15+18=<3 July 16, 2011
39 38
Danielle is an amazing mother. She has a beautiful personality and is helpful all the time. Danielle is a great friend to anyone. She has a loving husband and a great family supporting her. She smells like roses every time you walk past her. Danielle is lover for dogs, especially hungarian vizsla's. All up Danielle is a loving and kind caring person with a big heart. Everyone loves her to bits!
Lily: Is that Danielle?
Stacey: Yes, she is the nicest! Lets ask her if we could be her friend!
Lily: Ok yeah! she seems so nice and kind!
by stacy k December 18, 2013
1 1
A girl who is quirky but funny. She can be out of line but that's okay, because no matter what she will always want to end a fight. Makes sexual jokes a lot out of what people say. She won't talk about you begin you're back unless you deserve it. She's one of a kind and so sweet. Danielle's tend to like root beer, animals, masturbating, and friends. But they hate assholes, jackoffs, cockiness, horrible singers, and people who think they are popular. (Strongly dislikes geeks who don't pay attention in class but ask too many off topic questions) She will love you forever if you are a good friend. It's an undeniable fact that Danielle's are beautiful, smart, funny, and will love you forever!!!!!!!!! (Sometimes Danielle's can be really clingy. So be warned when you think she's getting attached. She's like the cobra. You won't know when she will strike.)
Sean: Dude, who was that girl you banged last night? She was hot!

Chris: You mean Danielle? Ya it was just a one night stand but she keeps texting me. Really clingy. But she wouldn't drink anything but root beer. Really strange. After we had sex, I'm pretty sure she was petting the kitty because I heard her moaning… really strange girl but totally sweet.

Sean: sounds amazing! Can I have her number?
by Pseudonym389 September 07, 2013
2 2
a lady who is very artistic loves helping people and smiles even though she goes through alot in life...she always helps anyone in need..very friendly and goofy loves doing donuts in her car and scaring her sister if she has one lol likes to be independent but loves the company of a man favorite color is purple loves gold jewelry and can usually be found in the southern part of the united states
oh no im broke down and no one has time for me except danielle im gonna give her a call she will be here for me.
by lolgirl1985 January 09, 2012
16 16
An amazing beautiful girl who makes you happy all the time and who you love more than anything else that you never want to let her go.
I would do anything to be with Danielle right now dude.
by jakisabeast October 26, 2011
16 16
Danielle is absolutely incredible!
Fucking hottest girl you will ever meet!!

Danielle provides pleasure and satisfaction like no one else can ever do!
Every guy wants her, but the one that gets her will be a legend for life!!

Her lips are so kissable, and her ass is just perfect!
She has a body carved by God!

She is funny, witty, sweet, and UNFORGETTABLE!
I would rather be with Danielle than win a lottery ticket!
Guy 1: Dude, I think I'm inlove with Danielle!!
Guy 2: Man, who isn't!
by mrlegendary October 24, 2011
21 21
A lovely person and a great friend.
She is a real Danielle and a complete toaster.
by Hannah666454 October 20, 2011
15 15