A beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. She is always laughing! When she's not laughing she's making others laugh. She always likes to have a good time. She is daring and loves adventure. She is kind to all, even those who hate her (or are jealous that they are not her) She has a lot to say, but mostly listens, so or like a therapist at times. She gives great advice. And although she has flaws her disposition makes her flawless. She is a great friend, but people take that for granted a lot. She has brilliant eyes and is skinny but curvy. She is perfect hug height (she's a real shorty). Guys tend to always be falling for her. She's a diamond.
Is she a Danielle?
by Amazinggrace7 May 18, 2015
Is such an amazing, pretty, funny, charismatic, cute, beautiful, and talented girl. A Danielle is usually short and a very talented dancer. I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with her. She always makes people feel really special. I love Danielle
That girl is such a Danielle
by Ilovedanimayaa August 29, 2014
An amazing beautiful girl who makes you happy all the time and who you love more than anything else that you never want to let her go.
I would do anything to be with Danielle right now dude.
by jakisabeast October 26, 2011
A beautiful female, who is independent, and very good with tools. Good at cooking, and having fun.
"The lock on my door is broken, I cou really use a Danielle"
by NerdyPanda14 December 28, 2014
The most beautiful and amazing girl ever. She is musical and athletic. Not to mention nice and funny. She has amazing eyes, usually consisting of an orange tint. She is kind of a hipster, but who cares! It's hot.
WOAH, did you see that Dani? Almost like a Danielle, but better!
by Da.i97 May 06, 2014
a very beautiful girl, shes so sweet, funny, nice, and a great person to be with, can have lots of fun with and she has a killer body. guys would die to be with her! and do anything to get with her.
boyfriend: whos she?

girlfriend: oh, new girl.

boyfriend: damn, her name must be Danielle!

girlfriend: damn?

boyfriend: its over.
by whatitdobabyboo? November 30, 2011
Danielle is absolutely incredible!
Fucking hottest girl you will ever meet!!

Danielle provides pleasure and satisfaction like no one else can ever do!
Every guy wants her, but the one that gets her will be a legend for life!!

Her lips are so kissable, and her ass is just perfect!
She has a body carved by God!

She is funny, witty, sweet, and UNFORGETTABLE!
I would rather be with Danielle than win a lottery ticket!
Guy 1: Dude, I think I'm inlove with Danielle!!
Guy 2: Man, who isn't!
by mrlegendary October 24, 2011

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