The White Italian Snookie. Often crazy, yet surprisingly smart.
by njb772 October 24, 2011
A lovely person and a great friend.
She is a real Danielle and a complete toaster.
by Hannah666454 October 20, 2011
A girl who is quirky but funny. She can be out of line but that's okay, because no matter what she will always want to end a fight. Makes sexual jokes a lot out of what people say. She won't talk about you begin you're back unless you deserve it. She's one of a kind and so sweet. Danielle's tend to like root beer, animals, masturbating, and friends. But they hate assholes, jackoffs, cockiness, horrible singers, and people who think they are popular. (Strongly dislikes geeks who don't pay attention in class but ask too many off topic questions) She will love you forever if you are a good friend. It's an undeniable fact that Danielle's are beautiful, smart, funny, and will love you forever!!!!!!!!! (Sometimes Danielle's can be really clingy. So be warned when you think she's getting attached. She's like the cobra. You won't know when she will strike.)
Sean: Dude, who was that girl you banged last night? She was hot!

Chris: You mean Danielle? Ya it was just a one night stand but she keeps texting me. Really clingy. But she wouldn't drink anything but root beer. Really strange. After we had sex, I'm pretty sure she was petting the kitty because I heard her moaning… really strange girl but totally sweet.

Sean: sounds amazing! Can I have her number?
by Pseudonym389 September 07, 2013
Danielle is a really pretty blonde girl who just loves life, she keeps her family close to her and try's her best to succeed. She is really good at keeping those big secrets and always has your back. She rarely cry's, and keeps most of her secrets to her close friends. She doesn't get alot of guys, but they all do admire her, there just too afraid to ask her out. Danielle's normally have green or blue eyes, which show her huge personality, Danielle's talk a lot and will always make you laugh! She will help you with anything you need, just if you ask.
I would not have been able to make it through this with out a Danielle.
by swimmingstar456 November 22, 2012
A Danielle, is a person that can keep a conversation going with only a smile and a laugh. The brown golden curls lay perfectly on her head, so that each curl glistens in the sun. A Danielle is a person that dresses absolutely gorgeous and everyone breaks their necks when they see her. Believe it or not, she like to do drama. A Danielle might sound pretty and great, but her bad days aren't good. You don't want to see her sad in public. But an overall Danielle is cool, fun to be around, outgoing, and the most awesomest person. A Danielle is a crazy, make you laugh all the time person.
If I don't start being Danielle, I won't get anywhere in life.
by Laaatricity September 03, 2011
an amazing person who will do anything for her friends. she can eat forever and still have a perfect figure. she is the most beautiful person alive. she is not afraid to get muddy or wet. she is a country girl born and raised in the city. your life will be enhanced the moment you lay eyes on her, she is very hipper and full of energy. you can always count on her to cheer you up.
holy crap that girl is fine who is she
she is danielle
by tanye b. December 02, 2013
Danielle is a tramp who lives on trains so she can charge her phone
'Did you hear about Danielle? She's been living on trains'
by Anallyexplosive March 29, 2015

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