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To Danielle is to randomly pass out for no apparent reason. Even doctor's can't figure out why one Danielle's.
Rohaan : it was so weird last night, I was just walking then out of the blue, I just Danielle'd!

Jacob : WHAAAAAT? Bro, you never Danielle like?

Rohaan : I know, it was peculiar.
by The_Rohbot November 13, 2012
6 8
The White Italian Snookie. Often crazy, yet surprisingly smart.
by njb772 October 24, 2011
14 16
Danielle. She is the craziest person you will ever meet, she has a good sense of humour, and a great friend. To her, looks don't matter, and neither does popularity, she'll be the nicest person you'll meet. She's loyal, and trust-worthy. She's fiery, but that's something special about her. Her best friend, is like her too, she'll be the best friend you'll ever have, and you'll be sad to see her go.
Kid 1: Awh, that kid is so nice! I wish she was my best friend! She's completely crazy, but that's the best thing about her!
Kid 2: Yeah, her name's Danielle!

Kid 1: OH, well that makes perfect sense, ayee!
by Gryffitherin December 12, 2011
17 20
a true bestfriend that never judges you about anything. danielle has a huge heart and will always advise you to do the right thing. is super funny and comes up with the most sexual jokes. will judge your boyfriends penis honestly... if his dick big and perfect she tell you to watch a movie right away! is someone that is very tall and slim with a good amont of boobs and ass! can be extremely horny sometimes. when with her bestfriend she will act like a total loser! has light brown hair and the prettiest blue eyes ever!......most of the time has a bestfriend or wifey with the name dezirae:)
danielle is FINE as hell and her bestfriend usually has a HUGE ASS!!!!
by forever and always blahahahah January 10, 2013
5 9
Danielle is a really pretty blonde girl who just loves life, she keeps her family close to her and try's her best to succeed. She is really good at keeping those big secrets and always has your back. She rarely cry's, and keeps most of her secrets to her close friends. She doesn't get alot of guys, but they all do admire her, there just too afraid to ask her out. Danielle's normally have green or blue eyes, which show her huge personality, Danielle's talk a lot and will always make you laugh! She will help you with anything you need, just if you ask.
I would not have been able to make it through this with out a Danielle.
by swimmingstar456 November 22, 2012
5 9
A very pretty girl with a large butt. Danielle tends to be confusing with her emotions, she says one thing but means another. She says she likes you but flirts with other guys. Even though she may have some bad personality traits, she is very funny and nice (at times) and is the most byoootiful girl in the whole world<3
Danielle is amazing <3
by cheerio427 January 05, 2012
14 19
Danielle is usually a female. She will be the best person you'll ever meet. She has such a great personality, and you'll never meet anyone like her. Although she is a nun, she will be the most amazing person you have ever met.
I love Danielle so much she's the greatest!
by Str8Russ November 10, 2013
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