Girl who laughs obnoxiously, chooses strange companions, and loves drinking orange juice. Gets destructive and loud when hyper. You cant live without her.
Danielle is strange.
by juliewegotcows:D February 12, 2010
a girl who is simply amazing she may have her flaws on the outside but makes up for it with her great personality.
jordon: i simply love danielle.
person b: who couldn't.
by jmarsh0727 April 24, 2011
This name refers to te most beautiful, radient woman on the planet. With curves like a goddess, every Danielle has men falling at her feet, with women in awe of her beauty. However Danielle is not just a pretty face! She's hilarious, intelligent and has an essence about her, which is impossible not too love, she is an irresistable piece of art, every Danielle is an asset to the world.
Sam: woah, she looks like a goddess, those curves! Her hair, every feauture.. just perfect..
Timmy: I know man, that's a Danielle, way too stunning to be any other..
Sam: Couldn't agree more Timmy
by ilovedaz August 19, 2011
a danielle is a girl whos really short but extremely sexifulgous
a danielle loves to slap people

she has the most AMAZINGG personatlity.

shes very friendly and kind at times

she loves to hug people

she smells really good

she has the lips of an angel

shes a girl who you would want for your whole life

shes beautiful in many ways

shes may have flaws but who doesnt?


i truely wanna spend the rest of my life w. her.
i just spent my first valentines day with this girl on february 14, 2011 in collingwood and i want every other valentines day to be with her!
Danielle Nicole Murray, a name, female, always gorgeos. born in collingwood ontario
by mmurray February 14, 2011
A female by the name of Danielle will be your loyal friend. When you need a shoulder to cry on she'll be by your side with a warm smile and words that reassure you everything is going to be all right.
She loves her family to an extent that makes you love them too, for they share stories that shake the roof with laughter and make you always want to be around them.
Danielle is extremely intelligent and you'll often find her head in a book. She loves sharing with others what she has learned.
She has great taste in music and those that are handed over a mixed tape with her favorite artists are never let down.
Danielle is beautiful with her curly hair and smile that can light up a room. She knows how to dress and each clothing on her back suits her wonderfully.
Danielle can be girly, but she is very into video games, which makes her popular with males, because she doesn't mind playing Gears of War or Black Ops and is really good at it!
Danielle is a great cook and when she makes dinner for you, you'll never want fast food again. She also bakes the sweetest treats just like her!
If you've a friend by the name of Danielle, never let her go, because you've a lifelong friend who is so much fun to be around and is wonderful in every way! And if Danielle is your girlfriend I hope you recognize just how lucky you are! :)
I'm so glad Danielle is my best friend. :)
by DancingSnowflake January 09, 2013
Danielle is one of the greatest girls you could have for a friend or girl friend. If you know when then you should never ever let her go. She's amazingly gorgeous (although you may have to remind her that), really nice, funny, sensitive, caring, supportive, and all around amazing. She likes when people are protective of her, but she could protect herself fine. If your her enemy you should watch out because she does NOT put up with crap. She won't send you to the hospital but she will tell you what she thinks. Sometimes she can be a little opinionated but everyone has their flaws. Every guy in the school wants her even though she doesn't realize it. Never ever let a Danielle go. She makes the world ten times brighter. I wish I could have a Danielle
Guy- "Wow Danielle's perfect! I want her to be mine!"

Guys friend "Tell me about it"
by 172738393929292929293 January 19, 2012
The kindest, most honorable, true person in the whole wide world. You will never catch her in a lie or cheating because she is too busy at church being an evil genious ;)
Is that Danielle over there having lunch with the married minister?
She's at it again.
by pogosticksrfun August 12, 2011
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