The most loyal best friend you could have; the most reliable and dependable person you could call upon. She's not egotistical at all and always puts others before her, sometimes resulting in drawbacks. Smart, intelligent and tall. With very curly hair. Danielle is incredibly profound but has a sharp tongue and wit like no other. Often Danielle's like Blue Millions and cups of tea. They are also normally very tall with lovely figures. However they do not sometimes see the reflection in which others view them, they tend to put themselves down when those who love them see them to be far more incredible than they realise. Danielle is the best friend you could ever have and someone you will want to hold onto. Once you've found her, you never want to lose a friend in her. As she is without a doubt the best.
by Adksalhfz February 08, 2011
An incredible girl with a good body, and a gorgeous face. She has an unbelievable singing voice that melts everyone who hears it. A Danielle is brunette and has green/blue eyes, and is pale. She is a depressive but doesn't show it and makes everyone happy. A Danielle is orientation-ally confused, and has a lesbian crush on Megan Fox. She has an amazing laugh and it's hard not to stare at her. You are lucky to be her friend. She is really fun, and no party is good without her, she also throws the best parties.
"That girl is really fun, reminds me of a Danielle."
Boy1: "Did you get her number?"

Boy2: "Naw I got distracted by Danielle."
by Justanotherboy May 02, 2009
Danielle is the best person in the world. She is perfect in every way possible. Everyone (including me) loves her. If you go out with her you are the luckiest alive. When she is with you, you feel like nothing can go wrong. Danielle is way sexy, hot, nice, funny, caring, and amazing. When you have your arm around her, you want time to stop because you know it wont last. When she leaves you, you feel like she took your life with him. Danielle will always make you smile and feel amazing inside. But she leaves. When she does there is nothing left because she meant so much to you and you feel like you just let your life fall into a never ending pit that you can never leave. But when she's with you it's the best thing in the whole world. She is absolutely amazing and every second you spend with her will be the best. She has the most gorgeous brown and hazel eyes you will ever see. Her personality is like nothing ever before. She has the nicest hair possible and the most beautiful figure. Once you have her never let her go. She will complete your life like no one ever will be able to.
Jacob: Dude who's that?!

Andrew: That's my girlfriend, Danielle!

Mason: Wow, DUDE! You're fucking lucky to have her, never let her go!

Andrew: I wont, because I love her!
by Fishanator December 08, 2012
MY BESTFRIEND FOREVER & EVER. <3 Pretty & outgoing. Crazy and hyper. Ghetto dancer! (; Heheeh. Hella cute clothes. Straight teeth. PWEEEEETTTYYY! <33333 Kinda creepy at some times, but everybody loves her. You meet her and automatically love her!
Dayum, did you see that Danielle?
Yeah man, pretty sexy ass gurl.
Ah, FAAAACK. I know. :D :D :D :D XD
by SLUS4DAYZPGBT3! November 10, 2010
Danielle is a girl who's quite small. She loves to laugh, is open minded, very sexy and doesn't care what people say about her. She's weird and crazy and can make anyone laugh. Even though she's straight, she will always name the girls she would love to fuck. Danielle listens to all kinds of music, except country, and is one hella amazing dancer. Her body rocks your socks and she's a brilliant artist. Blonde hair and blue eyes that make you just wanna say OMFG WOW! Danielle is the girl you want for a best friend, a girlfriend and a person who'll kill anyone if you tell her to. She's got the mind of an evil genius, cause she is one. xDD
Danielle is sexy
by NEENORRR July 07, 2010
The devil in its flesh.
A crazy nutjob with the mindset of a maniac!
A loveable bitch!
See that crazy girl over there, she is a Danielle.
by Dstar22 May 19, 2009

Danielle is the most amazing girl you'll ever meet, she has an incredible smile that will light a room and always knows what to say when you're feeling down. She may not think she's perfect but she is perfect and truly amazing and anyone would be lucky to have her in their life. She knows how to make everyone laugh and when your with her you'll always have a good time. She is truly the life of any party and without her everything would seem a little less brighter.
Danielle someone is beautiful and amazing.
by millsy September 30, 2013
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