A very silly, crazy, HILARIOUS girl who, if we didnt have, there would be no laughter in this world. She's also the bestest friend a person could have! :D
Hey, do you know Danielle?" "Of course, she the funniest person on Earth.
by T.M.B x) July 15, 2011
Hotter than fuck wonderbunny honey bunches of sly puma. God's gift to womankind. Man only wishes he could get with this. The sweetest, most kind-hearted person you are ever likely to meet, with the sexiest shoulders and hands and most perfectly chiseled abs to ever grace this earth.
I would give anything to be with Danielle right now.
by lovosaur September 08, 2010
Danielle is a beautiful person with many dreams and aspirations. She believes in God with all of her heart. When she doesn't know how to react to a situation she becomes awkward and irritating. Her laugh constantly changes, but when she laughs it's always real. Her true passion is to put a smile on everyones face. She has a lot of scars below the surface because people never remain in her life. She has 'daddy' issues, but doesn't show people that. Her mother is her hero even though they aren't very close. The best part about a Danielle- when she smiles the world becomes a little bit brighter.
Yeah, it was a Danielle smiling (:
by IbelieveInEverydayMiracles April 14, 2011
Danielle- Funny, Sweet, a Bitch at times, Bad ass. Shes an all around super chick. Danielle got brown hair, the most amazing eyes ever there not brown yet not hazel... there Brazel. She will fuck you up if you mess with her friends or family. Danielle puts her heart on her sleeve (which screws her in the end). She always makes people laugh. Danielle's ass is the size of Jupiter. She is the blacks white girl i know. Men want her (same with some women) women want to be her. Danielle is down right sexy. She will make you fall for her in a day.
Guy 1: Dude, who is that?
Guy 2: Thats Danielle.
Guy 1: Damn I had to do a Triple take for that one.
by Zoe lynn Arlint August 29, 2011
smells like fall and laundry. a girl with rosey cheeks and the brightest teeth you'll ever see. is openly a hermit, and loves being alone. most likely an only child. probably has a pet, most likely a cat. does not believe in middle grounds. she either loves someone, or hates someone. although most people love her because it's hard not to. she is secretly a party girl and when she cuts loose she can be the life of the party. can dress. articulate. hardly ever cries but when she does she REALLY cries. goes to bed late, and sleeps late. every boy secretly wants a danielle. but then he gives her rules and she breaks free. she's like a bird. probably won't settle down until her 30's, until she finds another bird. really wants to believe in god but can't
I don't really get her.

Yeah but she doesn't really get herself either.

That's why she's a Danielle.
by cristopher cringle September 01, 2010
Danielle is what you call someone that is incredibly funny and insane. She can be completely psycho at times, but that's why you love her. You want to spend all your time with her. She's incredibly beautiful, and incredibly nice (at times). She tells it straight, and can be a bitch, but in a good way (:
Dayumm that girls a danielle!
by petrockpablo April 10, 2011
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