Danielle is what you call someone that is incredibly funny and insane. She can be completely psycho at times, but that's why you love her. You want to spend all your time with her. She's incredibly beautiful, and incredibly nice (at times). She tells it straight, and can be a bitch, but in a good way (:
Dayumm that girls a danielle!
by petrockpablo April 10, 2011
AKA: The D. The one and only. All around badass.
Did you see her pull a Danielle!
by MrsD711 February 02, 2010
the most beautiful, and sexy girl to walk the face of the earth
Guy 1: did you see danielle

Guy 2: yea damn she is hot
by Dinofalldins February 06, 2010
Unpredictable; sometimes indecisive, yet reserved(which scares people off, but not intentionally), respectable, and has the best of intentions when it comes to people.

But will speak up for herself and anyone else to ignorant comments, and ignorant people. She likes to call them, "stuck-on-stupid". Don't take her being quiet around other people sometimes for granted.

Other than that. She's an all-around good person. Not perfect, but good enough for her.
That's girl is pretty cool. She's such a Danielle
by lee_lee0891 October 14, 2009
A beautiful angel.
That Danielle shined upon me from heaven.
by sdsda May 11, 2010
she's attractive and full of life. loves to laugh and have a good times. also loves to party and smoke weed until the break of dawn. shes a keeper. anyone would be lucky to get with her
"we need someone to drink with"
"hey lets call danielle"
by jasondelany January 13, 2009
She's crazy. Number one best friend when something goes wrong! The one that will beat u across the head when you tell her to, even if you didnt mean literally. A jack of all trades. She makes you laugh when you dont want to. A sandy blonde with large brown eyes. She smiles when someone does something stupid. and she isnt afraid to speak her mind
by lelefanduh November 19, 2009

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