Direct Unit Check. When a guy is walking towards a girl and she glances down at his unit wanting to see the girth... (pronunciation: Ducked)
"Hey, that chick just D.U.C.d me" She is ready to bang."
by jk8 April 07, 2006
Top Definition
Dumb Ugly Cunt- it is a variation of DUFF (Dumb Ugly Fat Friend)

The main difference being that a D.U.C. has no friends and is generally more bitchy- the DUC's bitchiness is enough to alienate her friends that already didn't care about her.

DUFFS travel as part of a flock where as DUC's fly alone
Carrie would be Lauren's DUFF except they're not friends any more so now she is just a DUC
by Merz-a-chord February 17, 2010
A nice and innocent girl who everybody loves
Duc is an amazing person
by Sarangheyo October 14, 2012
The Albanian word for "pussy" or "twat". Pronounced "DOOHTZ".
That Albanian girl is perfect: nice legs, tits, face, hair, ass and duc!
by pentozali March 09, 2008
a gay man in denial. This type of male pretends to be attracted to females or animals as such but cant cant stop drooling over gay men, hairy big fat men or donkeys.
dude, im sure his gay, he acts like a duc
by rewop xam January 11, 2009
"Duc" is a name given to sexy hunks of beef all around the world. Often called "You sexy thing".

This was not written by someone named Duc. Obviously.

This is the true meaning of the word "Duc". Everything else is fake and can go fuck themselves.
OH, look at that sexy guy! It's Duc!
by Kenneth March 27, 2005
DUCS is an acronym for "department of useless colleagues"
I attended a meeting where I was surrounded by a group of DUCS.
by Darlik September 17, 2014

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